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All Summer Long Lp

Author : Dorothea Benton Frank
ISBN : 0062466348
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71. 97 MB
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Filled with her trademark wit, poignant themes, and rich characters, the perennial New York Times bestselling author returns with a sensational novel that follows the travels of one couple though a tumultuous summer. Dorothea Benton Frank’s magical stories take us deep into the heart of her beloved Carolina Lowcountry. In her novels, this lush landscape comes alive in all its vibrancy and color. She ignites all of our senses with her vivid descriptions of landscape and atmosphere. In her novels you hear the ocean washing the shore on different islands so profoundly that you can nearly hear the sea gulls squawking, too. This is a story of people whose lives are changing—a southern gentleman returning home to lead a more peaceful life and his talented New York wife who is not quite sure she is ready to make the transition. They are moving north to south, fast pace versus slow pace, downsizing. And while they are doing this, they are getting glimpses into other people’s lives over the course of a summer, holidays that will amuse, shock and transform them. This irresistible story is home to captivating characters as funny, complicated, and real as our best friends—husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, friends and family who wrestle with the complexities, pain, and joys familiar to us all. Finally, we’ll come to recognize the face of love, the kind that deepens and endures but only because one woman makes a tremendous leap of faith. That leap changes them all.

All Summer Long

Author : Susan Mallery
ISBN : 9780373776948
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Returning home to Fool's Gold, California, former model Clay Stryker finds an unexpected ally in firefighter Chantal Dixon, a tomboy who, haunted by painful memories, sees beyond his good looks to the real man beneath.

Go Set A Watchman

Author : Harper Lee
ISBN : 9786021637883
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 21. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Dua puluh tahun lalu, Jean Louise menyaksikan Atticus, sang Ayah, membela Negro di pengadilan Maycomb County. Kini, Jean Louise menyadari bahwa Maycomb dan sang Ayah, ternyata tak seperti yang dia kira selama ini dan dia pun bukan Scout yang polos lagi. Go Set a Watchman adalah naskah pertama yang diajukan Harper Lee kepada penerbit sebelum To Kill a Mockingbird, yang memenangi Pulitzer. Setelah 60 tahun dianggap hilang, naskah berharga ini ditemukan pada akhir 2014. Terbitnya Go Set a Watchman disambut animo luar biasa. Buku ini terjual lebih dari 1,1 juta kopi di minggu pertama, memuncaki daftar bestseller di Amerika selama 5 minggu berturut-turut dalam 1,5 bulan, dan mengalahkan penjualan Harry Potter serta 50 Shades of Grey. Go Set a Watchman, warisan berharga Harper Lee, penulis Amerika paling berpengaruh pada abad ke-20. "Go Set a Watchman mempertanyakan beberapa hal penting yang justru disamarkan dalam To Kill a Mockingbird. Menghibur, lucu, tapi lugas dan jujur."-Ursula K. Le Guin, penulis The Earthsea Cycle "Aset terbesar Go Set a Watchman ialah perannya dalam memicu diskusi jujur tentang sejarah gelap Amerika mengenai persamaan ras."-San Francisco Chronicle "Luar biasa, sebuah novel yang ditulis lebih dari 50 tahun lalu ternyata masih kontekstual dengan masalah yang kita hadapi sekarang, tentang ras dan ketidakadilan."-Chicago Tribune "Go Set a Watchman lebih kompleks daripada To Kill a Mockingbird, karya klasik Harper Lee. Sebuah novel yang lengkap … sebuah karya sastra baru yang memuaskan dan autentik." -The Guardian "Go Set a Watchman memberikan pencerahan tentang kompleksitas dan kecerdasan salah satu penulis Amerika yang paling penting."-USA Today "Seperti yang dikemukakan Faulkner, kisah yang bagus adalah kisah manusia yang berkonflik dengan nuraninya. Dan itu adalah ringkasan yang tepat tentang Go Set a Watchman."-Daily Beast "Kompleksitas karakter Atticus membuat Go Set a Watchman pantas dibaca. Dengan Mockingbird, Harper Lee membuat kita mempertanyakan siapa sebenarnya diri kita dan apa yang sebenarnya kita tahu. Go Set a Watchman meneruskan tradisi mulia ini." -New York Post [Mizan, Mizan Publishing, Novel, Terjemahan, Legendaris, Indonesia]

The Go Between

Author : L. P. Hartley
ISBN : 9780141190730
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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L.P. Hartley's moving exploration of a young boy's loss of innocence The Go-Between is edited with an introduction and notes by Douglas Brooks-Davies in Penguin Modern Classics. 'The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there' When one long, hot summer, young Leo is staying with a school-friend at Brandham Hall, he begins to act as a messenger between Ted, the farmer, and Marian, the beautiful young woman up at the hall. He becomes drawn deeper and deeper into their dangerous game of deceit and desire, until his role brings him to a shocking and premature revelation. The haunting story of a young boy's awakening into the secrets of the adult world, The Go-Between is also an unforgettable evocation of the boundaries of Edwardian society. Leslie Poles Hartley (1895-1972) was born in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, and educated at Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford. For more than thirty years from 1923 he was an indefatigable fiction reviewer for periodicals including the Spectator and Saturday Review. His first book, Night Fears (1924) was a collection of short stories; but it was not until the publication of Eustace and Hilda (1947), which won the James Tait Black prize, that Hartley gained widespread recognition as an author. His other novels include The Go-Between (1953), which was adapted into an internationally-successful film starring Julie Christie and Alan Bates, and The Hireling (1957), the film version of which won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. If you enjoyed The Go-Between, you might like Barry Hines's A Kestrel for a Knave, also available in Penguin Modern Classics. 'Magical and disturbing' Independent 'On a first reading, it is a beautifully wrought description of a small boy's loss of innocence long ago. But, visited a second time, the knowledge of approaching, unavoidable tragedy makes it far more poignant and painful' Express

The Girls

Author : Emma Cline
ISBN : 9781473523111
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 79. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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** The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller ** ** The New York Times Top Ten Bestseller ** The UK's best selling hardback debut novel of 2016 Selected as a Book of the Year 2016 in the Evening Standard, Observer and The Times California. The summer of 1969. In the dying days of a floundering counter-culture a young girl is unwittingly caught up in unthinkable violence, and a decision made at this moment, on the cusp of adulthood, will shape her life.... 'This book will break your heart and blow your mind.' Lena Dunham Evie Boyd is desperate to be noticed. In the summer of 1969, empty days stretch out under the California sun. The smell of honeysuckle thickens the air and the sidewalks radiate heat. Until she sees them. The snatch of cold laughter. Hair, long and uncombed. Dirty dresses skimming the tops of thighs. Cheap rings like a second set of knuckles. The girls. And at the centre, Russell. Russell and the ranch, down a long dirt track and deep in the hills. Incense and clumsily strummed chords. Rumours of sex, frenzied gatherings, teen runaways. Was there a warning, a sign of things to come? Or is Evie already too enthralled by the girls to see that her life is about to be changed forever?

The Land Of Mango Sunsets Lp

Author : Dorothea Benton Frank
ISBN : 0061259284
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 27 MB
Format : PDF
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Dorothea Benton Frank writes highly addictive tales of life's conundrums with hilarity and heat. Meet Miriam Elizabeth Swanson, in a full-blown snit, buoyed by a fabulous cast that runs the gamut from insufferable to wonderful. First is the arrival of Liz Harper, Miriam's tenant from Birmingham, who sets a new cycle in motion. Her other tenant, Kevin, stalwart companion with more style than Cary Grant, shakes Miriam out of her fog to see which battles are worth the fight. Then there's Miriam's estranged son, who announces he's marrying a Jamaican woman. And what about her ex-husband, Charles, and that sordid lingerie model of his? Finally, you'll laugh and cry when Miriam meets a man named Harrison who changes her into a gal named Mellie. Miriam spins out from the revolving door of her postured life as a Manhattan quasi-socialite while she thirsts, no, starves for recognition. It takes a few spins, dips, and one spectacular fall until Miriam gets her head on straight. Then in a whoosh she's off to the enchanted and mysterious land of Sullivans Island, deep in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Told straight from the heart in Frank's vivid, highly entertaining style, The Land of Mango Sunsets just might be her finest work to date. If you decide to read this book, don't make plans to do anything else for a while.

The Muse

Author : Jessie Burton
ISBN : 9781443444996
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45. 50 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the bestselling author of The Miniaturist comes a captivating and brilliantly realized story of two young women—a Caribbean immigrant in 1960s London and a bohemian woman in 1930s Spain—and the powerful mystery that links them together July 1967, Mayfair, London—a painting left propped on the doorstep of the Skelton Gallery is discovered by Odelle Bastien, a Caribbean immigrant newly employed and in thrall with her enigmatic colleague, Marjorie Quick. The painting is rumoured to be the work of Isaac Robles, whose mysterious death at the burgeoning of his artistic powers has confounded the art world for decades. The excitement over the painting is only matched by the tension caused by the conflicting stories of its discovery. Odelle is unsure whom or what to believe as she finds herself drawn into a complex web of secrets and deceptions. Thirty years earlier, as Spain is on the brink of civil war, Olive Schloss, the daughter of a Viennese Jewish art dealer, follows her parents to Arazuelo, a village in the south rife with unrest. It is here Olive meets Maria Teresita, the young housekeeper, and Maria’s half-brother Isaac Robles, newly returned from the Paris salons, his head full of revolution and dreams of being a painter as famous as Picasso. Both siblings are the illegitimate offspring of the local landowner and have nothing to lose when it comes to exploiting these new guests in their poverty-stricken town. They insinuate themselves into the family, helping to hide Olive’s own artistic talents while Isaac plays at both painting and revolution. The consequences are devastating and echo into the decades to come. In vividly rendered detail, acclaimed and bestselling author Jessie Burton spins a tale of desire, ambition and the ways in which the tides of history inevitably shape and define our lives.

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