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Dog Training

Author : Jade Backer
ISBN : 1534624708
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In this book you will learn to teach your dog who the master is in the most healthy and gentle way. Dogs are much easier to train and educate when they have a leader to follow and this book teaches you how. Being the pack leader has proven benefits for your dog, it reduces his anxiety, develop a stronger bond between you, helps him following training more easily and more. Jade Backer is from New Jersey, and has been a dog instructor for the last 20 years. Her teaching methods are based on a psychological approach that emphasis the importance of educating the owner as well as his dog. For a good bond and healthy relationship, master and dog must understand and respect each other. Through her books, Jade is able to share her passion and teach you the right method in the easiest and healthiest way. There are only a few things in life that are as strong as the bond between a dog and their owner. It is the raw, pure emotions that exist between the two of you. When such a bond exists you can immediately feel the imbalance and what could be fixed.For most people, the first response to any behavior problem is to immediately put something or someone else to blame. Many often put blame on the dog's breed or the behavior of the entire family. But, in reality, how dogs behave is a reflection of us, the owner. As dogs are naturally pack animals, how they behave and interact is almost entirely based on how they perceive the environment around them. Dogs don't share emotions as humans do - they live by instinct. Those instincts develop over the course of time as to how to react to the behavior of their owners. Don't wait up, get this book, you don't risk anything but to have an even healthier relationship with your dog.

Be The Pack Leader

Author : Cesar Millan
ISBN : 9780307381675
Genre : Pets
File Size : 34. 36 MB
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A dog behavior expert demonstrates the skills one needs to become the family pack leader to help a dog live a balanced, fulfilled life, bringing together practical tips and techniques with real-life success stories.

How To Be Your Dog S Best Friend

Author : Monks of New Skete
ISBN : 0316136131
Genre : PETS
File Size : 69. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For nearly a quarter century, How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend has been the standard against which all other dog-training books have been measured. This new, expanded edition, with a fresh new design and new photographs throughout, preserves the best features of the original classic while bringing the book fully up-to-date. The result: the ultimate training manual for a new generation of dog owners - and, of course, for their canine best friends. The Monks of New Skete have achieved international renown as breeders of German shepherds and as outstanding trainers of dogs of all breeds. Their unique approach to canine training, developed and refined over three decades, is based on the philosophy that "understanding is the key to communication, compassion, and communion" with your dog. The importance of honest and effective communication with your dog is underscored throughout this guide, especially in the practical training exercises: a detailed, comprehensive, fully illustrated obedience course through which the monks lead you (and your dog) step-by-step. How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend covers virtually every aspect of living with and caring for your dog, including: Selecting a dog (what breed' male' female' puppy or older dog') to fit your lifestyle Where to get - and where not to get - a dog Reading a pedigree Training your dog or puppy - when, where, and how The proper use of praise and discipline Feeding, grooming, and ensuring your dog's physical fitness Recognizing and correcting canine behavioral problems The particular challenges of raising a dog where you live - in the city, country, or suburb The proper techniques for complete care of your pet at every stage of his or her life In this new edition, How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend has been expanded to encompass the latest equipment (e.g., retractable leashes, "invisible" fences); new trends in training and care (doggy day care, professional dog walkers, etc.); and dozens of new anecdotes and case studies, d.

Bonding With Your Dog

Author : Victoria Schade
ISBN : 0470480726
Genre : Pets
File Size : 84. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The human-canine bond: a relationship steeped in love with equal parts mutual respect, trust, and regard In this groundbreaking book, professional dog trainer Victoria Schade reveals that a successful relationship between you and your dog isn't about establishing yourself as the pack leader, but about building a meaningful bond. She explains how this bond forms the core of your entire relationship; if it's lacking, it's the primary source of any frustration you may be having with your dog. First, you'll take a quiz to help you gauge your current relationship with your dog. Next, you'll learn the building blocks for creating a positive, mutually rewarding bond-from granting privileges to being unpredictable to offering ample praise and playtime. You'll discover how a bonded dog: Listens to obedience cues Wants you in her sightlines, even in intriguing environments Doesn't escape through open doorways Understands and follows your house rules Wants to be close to you and work with you Truly trusts and respects you Whether you share your heart and home with a puppy, an adolescent, or a senior dog, it's never too early or too late to build a bond to last a lifetime-and this book shows you how.

Shaping The Wolf Within Your Dog

Author : Nathan B. Childs
ISBN : 9781412012133
Genre : Pets
File Size : 78. 50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Shaping the Wolf Within Your Dog is a comparison study of wolf and dog behavior. It is also a comprehensive guide for living in harmony with dogs. We know dogs are genetically related to the wolf; and both exhibit identical instincts, behaviors, temperaments, and dispositions - and both abide to the law of nature that contends: for any animal grouping to survive, there must be social order and communication between its members. Knowing this, we should learn all we can about wolf behavior, and incorporate that knowledge with our dogs. By learning how pack animals establish social order and communicate with one another, we can use this information to shape our dogs' natural instincts, without having to use food bribes or violence. When we communicate in our dogs' language, we will be able to communicate our leadership. The outcome will be predictable, for we will be using the same methods of an alpha wolf when he establishes and maintains social order with a pack of wolves. We will be shaping the same wolf instincts that are intact and engaged in each of our dogs. Shaping the Wolf Within Your Dog illuminates: The natural behavior of canines The language of canines How alphas lead their packs How alphas discipline and show affection The hierarchy of the wolf social order The natural friendliness, loyalty, and devotion of pack members How to pick the best pup from a litter How to establish social order with pups Basic obedience and off lead obedience Family protection training

Leader Of The Pack

Author : Nancy Baer
ISBN : 9780061010194
Genre : Nature
File Size : 78. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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Experienced animal behaviorists explain how to take charge of a dog, why hitting a canine is futile, the right ways to walk a dog, how to feed a food-aggressive dog, and other helpful tips for canine owners. Original.

Cesar S Way

Author : Cesar Millan
ISBN : 9780307337979
Genre : Pets
File Size : 77. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Presents a commonsense guide to understanding canine behavior, explaining how to use a dog's natural pack instincts to help fix behavioral issues and emphasizing the importance of exercise, discipline, and affection in a dog's life.

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