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If You Don T Give Me Heaven

Author : Noel Rogers
ISBN : 0595829767
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36. 88 MB
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If you don't give me Heaven, I'll raise hell-'til it's Heaven -Jay-Z Go ahead, put this book down. You're probably one of those people who reads blurbs on the back of books and bases their decision on whether or not to buy it without even flipping through the pages. And even if you did you'd probably say, "Whoa, this is way too thought-provoking. Let me see if that guy who wrote The Da Vinci Code has anything new out. I really enjoyed that book." So you'll put the book down and return to your mediocre unenlightened existence, having never experienced the genius of Noel Rogers. But don't let his ego fool you. The pages underneath this blurb are a giant bomb of knowledge that has waited twenty-eight years to drop into our collective consciousness. This is the most important book of the 21st Century-um, so far. Take a trip into the mind of an artist who began life scared and alone, grew up angry and doubtful, but ends up believing in anything, everything and nothing all at once. If You Don't Give Me Heaven is a crazy concoction of metaphysical madness. There's something for everyone (yes, even you): rants, reflections and revelations. But don't let the alliteration fool you. Noel plays the tortured-soul angle like a finely tuned Theremin. He piles meta upon meta of self-reference on top of each other and still comes out sane. He remixes fact and fiction so seamlessly that there is no longer a difference between the two. He lifts us out of our mediocre, unenlightened lives and into the craziest reality ever. Stop reading this. Flip the book over. Turn the first page. Keep going. It will all make sense if you have three brain cells. -Marcus D'Ambrose Teacher, Hero

God Chose You For Me

Author : Tricia Seaman
ISBN : 1501131834
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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When a single mother with terminal cancer asks an oncology nurse to adopt her son, neither can imagine what God has in store. This is the heartwarming story of how two very different women with two very different paths were brought together for one very special purpose. Oncology nurse Tricia Seaman and her family were hoping to adopt a son. They were months into the grueling process when she met Trish Somers, a terminally-ill cancer patient. Trish was a single mother and her eight-year-old son Wesley was her entire world. As the young mother poured out her fears and emotions, it became clear that this was unlike any other nurse-patient relationship Tricia had in her career. When they learned that the cancer had spread and Trish only had a short time to live, she looked at Tricia, a complete stranger three weeks ago, and asked if she could raise Wesley when she passed away. God Chose You for Me tells the true story of how these two incredible mothers met, the immediate bond they formed, and the ups and downs of joining families as Trish’s earthly life ebbed away. This heartwarming tale inspires readers to find the courage to trust in faith and never give up. The miracle of these two families coming together demonstrates that family isn’t always blood; often, it’s made up of the people God gives you if you have a willing heart. God Chose You for Me is a story you can turn to again and again when you’re looking for hope, inspiration, and a reason to believe in miracles.

Give Me Everything You Have

Author : James Lasdun
ISBN : 9781250043573
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 71. 13 MB
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Chronicles the author's harrowing ordeal at the hands of an obsessed former student whose campaign of hate mail, violently anti-Semitic online postings and false public accusations were orchestrated to destroy his professional and personal life, in an account that also shares meditations on mental illness, Middle Eastern politics and the meaning of reputation in the Internet age. 25,000 first printing.

Bite Your Tongue When You Give Me My Name

Author : Melissa Lee-Houghton
ISBN : 9781847478610
Genre :
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DescriptionFollowing her debut book, 'Patterns of Mourning' Melissa Lee-Houghton has written a new collection of original, raw-edged poems that are concerned with all things both abject and sublime. Love meets violence, death meets clarity; the theme of sex dominates many of the poems as for the writer, it always brings about the question of domination and submission, of the will, if not the senses. She writes to try to find answers as to how we are to love; and if we can maintain loving relationships after abuse has happened. Early recollections and experiences find powerful resonance now that the writer is in her mid-twenties, and the newness of family life and marital love have given her the space to understand herself and her addiction to writing. Many of these poems were composed during periods of 'illness' as Melissa's Bipolar symptoms have worsened over the years. She has also been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder; and the intense, confessional, blunt and argumentative tone in her work is her way of expressing her personality and her identity outside of medicine and psychiatry, outside of stereotypes and stigma. About the AuthorMelissa Lee-Houghton was born in Wythenshawe 1982 to a young mother whose unstable relationship with her husband caused the family to uproot. Melissa has no recollection of her father. She enjoyed a childhood made magical in its promise and naivety but the happiness was equally matched by disturbing and abusive experiences. By the age of 11, Melissa had seen a psychiatrist as she would no longer attend school and had begun a severe depression which lasted the duration of her school years and made it impossible for her to attend. Instead, she was treated and admitted to psychiatric services for anxiety, depression and self-harm, and the makings of what turned out to be full-blown Bipolar Affective moodswings and psychosis. She feels her illness is an enduring trauma with which she chronically battles with medications. Writing, to her, is necessity. Melissa has two children, and suffered PNI and Puerperal Psychosis following their births. Melissa's debut book, Patterns of Mourning is available through Chipmunka. Melissa is currently working on a new project focussing on composing literary 'portraits' of some wonderfully diverse people from all walks of life.

Can You Give Me Respect Experiences Of The Urban Poor With Advanced Disease

Author :
ISBN : 9780549158240
Genre :
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Poverty is a global public health problem with profound moral implications about what it means to be [a]part of the human community. In the United States, one in eight persons lives below the federal poverty line, a metric widely believed to underestimate the scope of the problem. While several ethnographies have described communities affected by poverty, far less research has focused on the personal toll of being poor in an urban area while struggling with a serious illness. Dignity is a concept addressed in human rights declarations, discussed in theological and philosophical descriptions of personhood, and described in clinical contexts relating to end of life care, physician assisted suicide, aging and disabilities. The purpose of this primarily interpretive study was to describe the meaning and experiences of dignity to the urban poor with advanced disease using a mixed methods design. First person in-depth accounts through individual or group interviews and field notes were primary data sources; a survey examined Chochinov's inductively derived model of dignity. Participants included 31 adults, with an average age of 52 years, who were living with cancer, HIV disease or both illnesses. Participants had multiple vulnerabilities: almost 75% were from communities of color and approximately two thirds had histories of homelessness, substance abuse, or other co-morbidities. Ten participants died during data collection. Many participants discussed respect rather than dignity, respect given to and received from others, and self-respect. Most narrated difficult personal biographies that included the loss of beloved family members and other traumas. While describing their illness experiences, difficulties with health care systems and health care providers were noted frequently and described in vivid detail. Participants were significantly (p

Give Me Some Sugar

Author : Gen Griffin
ISBN : 9781523653027
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33. 2 MB
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It's two days before the wedding of the year, but all anyone in Possum Creek can talk about is the decapitated head that's just been found in the trunk of Callahan County's least favorite deputy's car. Half the county thinks the skull is just another one of Addison's pranks, but when more pieces of the corpse turn up it becomes obvious that someone a whole lot more dangerous than Addison might be gunning for a piece of a Kerry Longwood. Gracie Malone has enough problems on her hands without having to worry about whether or not Kerry has finally gone homicidal. All she wants to do is tie the proverbial knot with Cal and sail off into the sunset on their 14-day honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas, but life in Possum Creek is never that easy. Someone has sent wedding invitations to every name she'd written on her personal 'do not invite' list, changed her catering menu from filet mignon to fried bologna and put live fish in the swimming pool for her bachelorette party. Gracie is clueless as to who the saboteur is or why they so desperately seem to want her to walk down the aisle looking like a bridal vampire on her way to a funeral, but she quickly realizes she and her friends need to get to the bottom of this mess before her wedding turns into a bigger disaster than Kerry's police career.

Or Give Me Death

Author : Ann Rinaldi
ISBN : 0547351119
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 67. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Patrick Henry, the famous statesman, has a secret: He keeps his wife in the cellar. Slowly losing her mind, Sarah Henry has become a danger to herself and her children. But daughter Anne has a secret of her own: She knows which child will inherit their mother's madness. Told from the point of view of the Henry children, this compassionate tale explores the possibility that Patrick Henry's immortal cry of "Give me liberty, or give me death," which roused a nation to arms, was first spoken by his wife as she pleaded for her own freedom. Includes a reader's guide.

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