god s rainbow and human behaviour

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God S Rainbow And Human Behaviour

Author : Gloria Pagendam-Rankin PhD
ISBN : 9781491858714
Genre : Religion
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What is the significance of the Rainbow in the sky? I researched books and found very few are written on the subject of God’s Rainbow. However, it has great significance to mankind. The rainbow is placed in the sky by the Creator of both the universe and human beings. One might say, “What does the rainbow have to do with human behavior?” My answer is, “Everything.” God reveals His very own personality in His rainbow. His desire is for us to get to know Him—to learn His characteristics and to become more like Him on this journey of life. For Him to fulfill the purpose He has for each one of us, individually, He has given us a free will to make our own choices.

Man S Fate And God S Choice

Author : Bhimeswara Challa
ISBN : 142695400X
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The world today is facing a bewildering array of problems where human behavior is both brazen and bizarre. Those who are searching for a way out are daring to ask fundamental questions: What is man’s rightful place? Are we a doomed species? Is God becoming weary of mankind? In Man’s Fate and God’s Choice, Bhimeswara Challa shares his comprehensive study of human behavior that suggests that the very paradigm of our thinking is inappropriate for the current challenges we face. In a thoughtful, innovative presentation of ideas, Challa posits that any betterment in human behavior needs a cathartic change at the deepest level, ultimately reawakening the intelligence of the human heart. He begins by examining the greatest challenge of this generation of human beings and continues by placing the multiple identities of man in perspective, reviewing our growing insensitivity to human suffering. Finally, he looks to the living world for inspiration, metaphors, and models for human transformation. Man’s Fate and God’s Choice incisively covers an array of issues and proposes an agenda for action as it challenges those who see misery and ask “Why?” to also see the promise in the rainbow and then ask “Why not?”

God S Rainbow Of Promise

Author : Doris V. Neumann
ISBN : 9781606472668
Genre : Religion
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The very essence of the Lord's Prayer is one of hope. God comes to us in our every-day walk and offers power and peace. Jesus' prayer demonstrates the hope which God the Father initiated in the very beginning of time. From the blessed hope of God's Kingdom to the Holy will for our lives, this precious prayer of Jesus demonstrates the motives by which we as Christians shall live. The numerous avenues of life are depicted in the thoughts of Jesus - healing, forgiveness, our every need supplied, and relief from temptation. This book also offers comfort to those suffering from serious illness. Even the evangelical mode of God's heavenly Kingdom offers to mankind the rainbow of promise in our Eternal Home. I am a walking miracle of the Almighty God. Having been instructed by God to tell all people of His saving power and of a life which fades not away, I began writing this book. Before I had completed it I was afflicted with a bleeding brain aneurism. With much prayer God saw me through those dark and bitter days and brought me through the darkness into His marvelous light. With His help and with Jesus at my side, I began again to finish the work, which God placed before me. My one desire is for the people the world over to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and to join me in holy admonition of God's heavenly home. With my poetry I have reached many people throughout the world. I have been blessed with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and walk hand in hand with Him along life's way.

Minds And Gods

Author : Todd Tremlin
ISBN : 0198041551
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 88. 94 MB
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Around the world and throughout history, in cultures as diverse as ancient Mesopotamia and modern America, human beings have been compelled by belief in gods and developed complex religions around them. But why? What makes belief in supernatural beings so widespread? And why are the gods of so many different people so similar in nature? This provocative book explains the origins and persistence of religious ideas by looking through the lens of science at the common structures and functions of human thought. The first general introduction to the "cognitive science of religion," Minds and Gods presents the major themes, theories, and thinkers involved in this revolutionary new approach to human religiosity. Arguing that we cannot understand what we think until we first understand how we think, the book sets out to study the evolutionary forces that modeled the modern human mind and continue to shape our ideas and actions today. Todd Tremlin details many of the adapted features of the brain -- illustrating their operation with examples of everyday human behavior -- and shows how mental endowments inherited from our ancestral past lead many people to naturally entertain religious ideas. In short, belief in gods and the social formation of religion have their genesis in biology, in powerful cognitive processes that all humans share. In the course of illuminating the nature of religion, this book also sheds light on human nature: why we think we do the things we do and how the reasons for these things are so often hidden from view. This discussion ranges broadly across recent scientific findings in areas such as paleoanthropology, primate studies, evolutionary psychology, early brain development, and cultural transmission. While these subjects are complex, the story is told here in a conversational style that is engaging, jargon free, and accessible to all readers. With Minds and Gods , Tremlin offers a roadmap to a fascinating and growing field of study, one that is sure to generate interest and debate and provide readers with a better understanding of themselves and their beliefs.

Rainbow Savior

Author : Rev. William A. Monday
ISBN : 9781490845555
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88. 58 MB
Format : PDF
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"Rainbow Savior is far more than a biblical work on homosexuality. This work is a much needed refresher on the basics of Christianity, basics applicable for all issues of sin and grace I highly recommend this book for any Christian." - Rev. Dan Lindner, St. John's NE, Minneapolis

Pueblo Gods And Myths

Author : Hamilton A. Tyler
ISBN : 0806111127
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85. 20 MB
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Here is a thorough, and long-needed, presentation of the nature of the Pueblo gods and myths. The Pueblo Indians, which include the Hopi, Zuni, and Keres groups, and their ancestors are closely bound to the Plateau region of the United States, comprising much of the area in Utah, Colorado, and–especially in recent years–New Mexico and Arizona. The principal god of the Hopi tribe was and is Masau'u, the god of death. Masau'u is also a god of life in many of its essentials. There is an unmistakable analogy between Masau'u and the Christian Devil, and between Masau'u and the Greek god Hermes, who guided dead souls on their journey to the nether world. Mr. Tyler has drawn many useful comparisons between the religions of the Pueblos and the Greeks. "Because there is a widespread knowledge of the Greek gods and their ways," the author writes, "many people will thus be at ease with the Pueblo gods and myths." Of utmost importance is the final chapter of the book, which relates Pueblo cosmology to contemporary Western thought. The Pueblos are men and women who have faced, and are facing, problems common to all mankind. The response of the Pueblos to their challenges has been tempered by the role of religion in their lives. This account of their epic struggle to accommodate themselves and their society to the cosmic order is "must" reading for historians, ethnologists, students of comparative religion, and for all who take an interest in the role of religious devotion in their own lives.

Chosen Tales

Author : Peninnah Schram
ISBN : 9781461627784
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60. 95 MB
Format : PDF
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The storytellers represented in Chosen Tales are among the most active and talented Jewish storytellers in the world. This extraordinary collection of 68 stories is, in a way, a Jewish storytelling festival, where storytellers gather to share stories, hear each other's stories, and get to know each other better through the stories that are told. Come and experience the magic of the oral tradition. Read and retell these stories again and again so that you too can shape the destiny of the timeless tradition of Jewish storytelling.

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