how to write like tolstoy a journey into the minds of our greatest writers

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How To Write Like Tolstoy

Author : Richard Cohen
ISBN : 9780812998313
Genre : Literary Criticism
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For anyone who has ever identified with a hero or heroine, been seduced by a strong opening sentence, or been powerfully moved by a story’s end, How to Write Like Tolstoy is a thought-provoking journey inside the minds of the world’s most accomplished storytellers, from Shakespeare to Stephen King. “I have tried, as far as possible using the words of the authors themselves, to explain their craft, aiming to take readers on a journey into the concerns, techniques, tricks, flaws, and, occasionally, obsessions of our most luminous writers.”—from the Preface Behind every acclaimed work of literature is a trove of heartfelt decisions. The best authors put painstaking—sometimes obsessive—effort into each element of their stories, from plot and character development to dialogue and point of view. What made Nabokov choose the name Lolita? Why did Fitzgerald use first-person narration in The Great Gatsby? How did Kerouac, who raged against revision, finally come to revise On the Road? Veteran editor and teacher Richard Cohen draws on his vast reservoir of a lifetime’s reading and his insight into what makes good prose soar. Here are Gabriel García Márquez’s thoughts on how to start a novel (“In the first paragraph you solve most of the problems with your book”); Virginia Woolf offering her definition of style (“It is all rhythm. Once you get that, you can’t use the wrong words”); and Vladimir Nabokov on the nature of fiction (“All great novels are great fairy tales”). Cohen has researched the published works and private utterances of our greatest authors to discover the elements that made their prose memorable. The result is a unique exploration of the act and art of writing that enriches our experience of reading both the classics and the best modern fiction. Evoking the marvelous, the famous, and the irreverent, he reveals the challenges that even the greatest writers faced—and shows us how they surmounted them. Praise for How to Write Like Tolstoy “The highest compliment one can pay How to Write Like Tolstoy is that it provokes an overwhelming urge to read and write, to be in dialogue or even doomed competition with the greatest creative minds . . . . That Mr. Cohen is an editor, that his love of literature comes in large part from awe in the presence of better writers than he, is no small matter. His love is infectious, and regardless of how well he ends up teaching us to write, that is miracle enough.”—Wall Street Journal “This book is a wry, critical friend to both writer and reader. It is filled with cogent examples and provoking statements. You will agree or quarrel with each page, and be a sharper writer and reader by the end.”—Hilary Mantel “These twelve essays are like twelve perfect university lectures on the craft of writing fiction. The professor—or, in this case, author—succeeds in being not only knowledgeable but also interesting, charming, and engaging.”—Library Journal (starred review) “Insightful . . . [Cohen] escorts his readers to Iris Murdoch for sage counsel on launching a novel, to Salman Rushdie for shrewd guidance on developing an unreliable narrator, to Rudyard Kipling for a cagey hint on creating memorable minor characters, and to Leo Tolstoy for a master’s help in transforming personal experience into fictional art.”—Booklist “Lush and instructive . . . [Cohen] is a generous tour guide through his literary world.”—Kirkus Reviews From the Hardcover edition.

How To Write Like Tolstoy

Author : Richard Cohen
ISBN : 9781786070227
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 84. 88 MB
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What made Norman Mailer change from first person to third? Which authors borrowed plots and characters from people they knew? Why did Turgenev so envy Tolstoy, and what does that say about how fiction writers create character? Richard Cohen takes readers on an enchanting journey into the minds, techniques, concerns, tricks and flaws of the greatest writers to have ever graced the printed page. He reveals how such literary legends as Eliot, Dickens, Woolf, Amis, King and Morrison grappled with problems, questioned themselves and occasionally changed their minds to dramatic effect as they created the stories and characters that we love. Playful and profound and brimming with insights, How to Write Like Tolstoy is a charming guide to the writer’s craft, disclosing the fascinating stories behind the finest novels we’ve ever known. Includes revealing insights from the literary lives of Vladimir Nabokov, Fay Weldon, Samuel Beckett, George Orwell, J. D. Salinger, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, Kate Atkinson, Philip Roth, Emily Brontë, Ali Smith, Franz Kafka, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Agatha Christie and many more.

How To Write Like Tolstoy A Journey Into The Minds Of Our Greatest Writers

Author : Richard Cohen
ISBN : 081298773X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 60. 36 MB
Format : PDF
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Robert Hartwell Fiske S Dictionary Of Unendurable English

Author : Robert Hartwell Fiske
ISBN : 9781451651348
Genre : Reference
File Size : 61. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Robert Hartwell Fiske aims to eliminate laxity in language today by way of this witty and engaging reference. Fiske rails against "laxicographers and ding-a-linguists" who, with their misguided thinking, actually promote the dissolution of the English language. He also illustrates why dictionaries don't always provide the correct meaning or usage of a word. With concise instruction and numerous examples of misused words, Fiske makes it easier than ever to learn from others' mistakes. This comprehensive dictionary of common misusages lays bare the mistakes we all make every day. Robert Hartwell Fiske, the grumbling grammarian of our time, shows you the definitive right way and wrong way to use language--and illustrates why dictionaries don't always provide the correct meaning or usage of a word.

Master Class In Fiction Writing

Author : Adam Sexton
ISBN : 0071448772
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 34. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Do you want to take your fiction writing to the next level? LEARN FROM THE MASTERS "Adam Sexton taught me how to read like a writer--and, in a way, how to write like a reader. For without first considering the experience of reading stories--seriously, thoroughly, the way Sexton does--you can't possibly write one worth reading." --Tara McCarthy,author of Love Will Tear Us Apart Many writers believe that if they just find the right teacher or workshop, their writing will reach new heights of skill. But why not learn from the best? In his popular workshops in New York City, creative writing instructor Adam Sexton has found that the most effective way for any writer to grasp on the elements of fiction is to study the great masters. Master Class in Fiction Writingis your personal crash course in creative writing, with the world's most accomplished fiction writers as your guides. You will learn: The art of characterization from Jane Austen Style and voice from Ernest Hemingway Dialogue from Iris Murdoch Description from Vladimir Nabokov The timeless techniques of plotting in the work of Joseph Conrad The ingenious structure of James Joyce Point of view from Toni Morrison Over the course of just ten chaptersyou can master all the components of great shortstory and novel writing. These are the most important lessons any writer can learn--a truly "novel" approach to writing that will enrich, inform, and inspire.

Bleed Into Me

Author : Stephen Graham Jones
ISBN : 9780803226050
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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The author, an Indian himself, profiles the lives of many Native Americans and how people treat them just because of their race. Even in today's society the uneasy relations between Indians and white's is still fueled by mistrust, stereo-types and casual violence.


Author : Rosamund Bartlett
ISBN : 9780151014385
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 65. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Draws on key Russian sources and extensive new materials to trace the influential 19th-century literary master's life and legacy, providing coverage of such topics as his early life, his troubled relationship with his wife and his evocative portrayals of beloved Russian landscapes.

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