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Hurricane Season Florida Panhandle Mystery 1

Author : Michaela Thompson
Language : English
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A STORM, AN ILLICIT LOVE AFFAIR, AND MOONSHINE… (actually, two illicit love affairs)“Miss Marple meets Eudora Welty (with a trace of Erskine Caldwell)” -Kirkus
“With the kind of realism that stems from William Faulkner, the author skillfully portrays her inbred, suspicious, nasty people ... Hurricane Season ends up an orthodox murder mystery, but it is more than that. [Thompson] has attempted a microcosm of America, carefully dissecting out a single cell under a very strong lens." -The New York Times

The 1950s fairly leap off the page in this classic cozy mystery set in northern Florida in the Eisenhower era, complete with Johnny Ray on the jukebox and a Womanless Wedding—this one interrupted by an explosion at a moonshine still. Lily Trulock, owner of Trulock’s Grocery & Marine Supply, leads a pretty quiet life until a stranger comes to town. The new guy’s not what he appears, but then, some of St. Elmo’s residents aren’t either.

Before she can say, “down the hatch,” Lily’s at the center of a vicious murder and a no-holds-barred bootlegging war—and a nasty storm’s on the way. This is a vibrant, atmospheric, powerful novel—as filled with energy, mystery, and motion as a hurricane.

Hurricane Season is as much a richly-detailed, spot-on historical as a mystery, widely praised by masters of the genre and reviewers alike for its pitch-perfect period feel and fine, spare writing.

"A remarkable, compelling first novel ... a storm of a story." -The Washington Post

"This is a remarkable book which deserves readers from far beyond the ranks of mystery fans." -The San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner

P.D. JAMES said: “(Michaela Thompson) knows how to create that sense of place, which is so important to any novel but particularly to crime fiction; her characters are believable men and women in a real world, her mystery is credible, and in Lily Trulock she has created a middle-aged heroine who is both original and sympathetic.”

JOHN D. MACDONALD said: “I enjoyed the book. It has real people in a real place, factors which seem to be ever more rare these days—even though it is the only way to create a real suspension of disbelief.”

Hurricane Season

Author : BJ Phillips
Language : English
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Shawn Richards (aka S.K. Richardson) is a romance author. She’s had her heart broken badly again and is done with love. Ditching San Francisco, she moves back home to Southwest Florida to get her feet back under her and finish her latest novel. Carrie Alexander is a huge S.K. Richardson fan, but has no idea what she looks like. She does, however, like the looks of the new neighbor down the street, Shawn Richards. Drawn to each other as friends, Shawn still tries to keep some distance in spite of what she’s beginning to feel for Carrie. Carrie isn’t the kind of woman you just have a fun night with and then move on. Carrie’s the kind you fall in love with and make love to, and live happily ever after with—but she just can’t let herself trust her heart yet. After all, the last time she fell for one of her fans, it ended badly. Carrie is looking for ‘happy ever after’ just like in all those romance novels she reads. Shawn could be the one, or maybe Carrie’s fooling herself and there’s really no such thing as all that romantic stuff in Shawn’s books. Shawn is afraid she can’t deliver on that ‘happy ever after’ she knows Carrie wants—and she wants, too, truth be told. Destiny might have given them a push when Carrie tripped at the local grocery store and literally fell into Shawn’s arms. But fear could cost Shawn the woman of her dreams.

Riptide A Florida Panhandle Mystery 2

Author : Michaela Thompson
Language : English
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A ripping good yarn … an exciting tale.” —Publishers Weekly
“... an imaginative plot, some rousing action, a black-hearted villain, a cute kid, some gently ironic humor, and a heroine who's appealing without being perfect.” —Booklist

As intricate as a fisherman’s net, Riptide fairly writhes with sinister delights—family secrets, family feuds, lost family fortunes, betrayals, puzzles, sunken treasure… and murder, of course. With a bit of illicit romance and treachery thrown in for seasoning. This rife atmosphere swirls around New york artist Isabel Anders, who’s summoned home to tiny St. Elmo, Florida to deal with an emergency: the aunt who raised her has been brutally—and mysteriously—injured.

Isabel arrives to find the family mansion in ruins, her aunt living in a trailer, and, dangerous as a cottonmouth, the lover she left at sixteen just where he used to be. Waiting for her. Except now he’s got a grudge against her, a secret of his own, and some unsavory companions. Just when Isabel’s aunt seems to be getting better (but before she’s able to talk again) she dies just as mysteriously as she was injured. Suspecting murder, Isabel quickly ties her aunt’s death to another.

But to find the killer, she has to hack her way through a small-town jungle of intrigue and several generations of interrelated secrets, producing hours of pulse-pounding delight for the confirmed puzzle fan.

WHO WILL LIKE IT: Fans of Laura Lippman, Kate Atkinson, intelligent cozies like those by G.M. Malliett, Elizabeth Zelvin, and Gillian Roberts, British puzzlemeisters like the great Dorothy L. Sayers herself, all BBC mysteries, and of course, Michaela Thompson’s own Hurricane Season.

Summer Storms

Author : Ms Rebekah Lyn
Language : English
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Book One of the Seasons of Faith Series
Thanks to the love and support of friends and a renewed commitment to her faith, Elizabeth Reynolds has moved past the hurt and anger of her parents' death. Her job as concierge at Hotel Lago, a boutique hotel in downtown Orlando, is challenging and fills her need to be successful, but something is still missing. She loves the historic homes in the downtown area but fears she will never be able to afford one. When a once in a lifetime opportunity to renovate a broken down home comes along she snaps it up. Sparks and clashes with her handsome, but deeply troubled contractor, Jeffrey Robbins, threaten to slow the renovation, but they fade as Orlando becomes the target of three summer storms, Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, and Jeanne. In the aftermath of the storms what will be the fate of Lizzie's home and heart?

Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season Book 2 The Jake Sullivan Series

Author : Chip Bell
Language : English
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It is the end of June and President Jordan Fletcher has just negotiated a historical treaty with Cuba, and its signing will be held at the end of October in Miami. Because of Fletcher’s past relationship with him in the Benjamin Matthews matter, he has asked Jake Sullivan to coordinate the treaty signing ceremony. Just as Jake and his investigator and close friend, Mike Lang, begin their job, they receive the astounding news that Benjamin Matthews has died in prison of a heart attack, at the same time learning that an assassination plot has been hatched against the President and Raul and Fidel Castro.

Working with a threat analysis expert from the Secret Service, Jonathan Clark, and Paula Cortez, a specialist in Cuban affairs from the FBI, who appears to be more than just a former colleague of Mike Lang, Jake sets about trying to diffuse the plot by discovering the identity of a mysterious assassin known only as “The Agent”, employed by an even more secret organization, “The Birth of New Madrid.” As the summer months move by with the assassin still on the loose, the tension builds at Jake’s office, just as tension builds out on the open water as a very active hurricane season is underway. Worrying about Mother Nature and the plot at hand, Jake and his team finally come face to face with their mysterious assassin and soon come to realize he is only part of a much greater threat.

Racing to save the treaty signing and the lives of the President and the Castro brothers, this second novel by Chip Bell heads to an explosive finish where Jake discovers the true nature of the danger they face and finds himself in one final battle—a battle for his life and the lives of his family now that he realizes the ultimate truth—the target all along was him.

Hurricane Season

Author : Sonja Bentley Zant
Language : English
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Eloise Butts is still "waiting" at age 33. Living in Miami's South Beach, where being a virgin is highly unusual, Eloise finds herself strangely aware of her unique situation. But when she gets a chance to move to Italy for three months, she opens herself up to the complete possibilities of love for the very first time. When a dashing Italian man named Marco Maselli sweeps her off her feet, Eloise struggles to discover the difference between lust and love while remaining true to her self in the process. In the end, when what she thought was love blows in, blows up and blows out of her life, all that remains is who she is as a person. It's the story of holding on to a deeper sense of self-no matter how counter-culture or strange that may seem.

The Savage Season Hurricanes Bertha And Fran Summer Of 1996

Author :
Language : English
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Book by

Never Clean Your House During Hurricane Season

Author : Modine Gunch
Language : English
File Size : 44,3 MB
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Before Katrina, Modine Gunch was Everywoman who fought with pantyhose until they went out of style, shoved dirty dishes into the oven when her mother-in-law was coming up the walk, shudderingly oversaw school science projects involving roaches, and insisted that a dish that didn't survive the dishwasher didn't deserve to live. Her family's adventures have tickled the funnybones of New Orleans Magazine readers for 25 years and have appeared in two books: Never Heave your Bosom in a Front-Hook Bra and Never Sleep With a Fat Man in July. But in 2005, home was where the levees broke. The Gunch family's houses, strung comfortably close together along one block, were among those washed away. So the Gunches found out that they were double-wide and their FEMA trailers weren't; "Don't come knockin' if this trailer's rockin'" meant somebody was stretched out in the vibrating recliner; and the talent God gave Modine was for cleaning out putrid refrigerators. But five years later, the Gunches are still standing -- when they're not second-lining.

Hurricane Season

Author : Patient Lee
Language : English
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A gullible woman is tricked into signing up for a free trip to paradise. In return, she must "play" with the owners of a private island in a FFM romp. She experiences some firsts- lesbian sex, anal sex, and spanking, and discovers she loves them all. With a fun twist at the end, this story will make you smile. And maybe something more.

What readers say about Hurricane Season:

From TT Tales, erotica author

What a great story. Loved it all, from the gullibility, to the trickiness, hot nasty sex and fun twist at the end. I got way too many ideas from this. Now I just have to buy me a little private island...

From ILienBagby, erotica author

Hurricane Season is a delight; although a bit farfetched, it seems completely real....Ms. Gullible's voice as she relates her tale is exact, consistent and the voice of a person I can (1) believe, and (2) like. Oh, and, of course, the sex is magnificent!


Martín whispered something to Carla. She got an inquisitive look on her face and asked, "You're not a virgin, are you?"

"Oh, no," I said, blushing. "It's just been a while."

My first lover had told me that virginity could grow back after two years of abstinence. I found out that wasn't true when I explained to my gynecologist that I was indeed a virgin. It was quite embarrassing to have him laughing at me while he had two fingers in my pussy, that's for sure. Being gullible sucks.

I stood, holding the back of the couch to maintain my balance as I gulped down my second glass of wine. Martín stood behind me, pulling my unbuttoned shirt off. I decided at that moment to enjoy the vacation and hope for the best, which turned out to be my second bad decision.

Chapter Three
Heather and Carla sat in wicker chairs, facing me. Martín remained behind me, pulling off my clothes, one piece at a time. I was nervous, but I arched my back a little as Martín's warm hands grazed my nipples then cupped my breasts. When all my clothes were on the floor, Martín placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me to face him.

"No puedo esperar," he said, as he unbuttoned his pants.

"Martín," Carla said, "You really can't wait? You're just being greedy."

I hadn't realized that Martín hadn't spoken out loud at all up to that point. Now it dawned on me that he didn't speak English. "Está bien," I said, as I helped him remove his pants.

He placed his hands on my head and gently pushed me to my knees. I took a moment to examine the long, rather thick cock in front of me. His balls were shaved, and a drop of pre-cum had pooled in his slit. I placed my hands on his ass and drew him closer. I licked the pre-cum from the head and realized that it had been almost a year since I had a cock in my mouth. The realization sent a shudder through my body, and I slammed his cock into my mouth as far as it would go. He moaned out loud.

Heather said, "This is going to be a great weekend."

Hurricane Season Recent History For The Rest Of Us Book 1

Author : Peggy Koch
Language : English
File Size : 47,1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In the week before Aug. 11, a small tropical depression began moving west from Africa. Although this weather event would change their lives, the Biebel family from Imperial had no awareness of it as they neared their vacation destination of Sanibel Island in Florida.

Throughout their week-long stay, enjoying the varied activities of one of the most popular vacation locations in the U.S., the parents of Josh and Beth felt little apprehension, since the storm was expected to make its landfall far south of the western coast of Florida.
But then it became a hurricane and turned sharply north. . . .