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Memory And Trauma In The Postwar Spanish Novel

Author : Sarah Leggott
ISBN : 9781611485318
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In recent years, much Spanish literary criticism has been characterized by debates about collective and historical memory, stemming from a national obsession with the past that has seen an explosion of novels and films about the Spanish Civil War and Franco dictatorship. This growth of so-called memory studies in literary scholarship has focused on the representation of memory and trauma in contemporary narratives dealing with the Civil War and ensuing dictatorship. In contrast, the novel of the postwar period has received relatively little critical attention of late, despite the fact that memory and trauma also feature, in different ways and to varying degrees, in many works written during the Franco years. The essays in this study argue that such novels merit a fresh critical approach, and that contemporary scholarship relating to the representation of memory and trauma in literature can enhance our understanding of the postwar Spanish novel. The volume opens with essays that engage with aspects of contemporary theoretical approaches to memory in order to reveal the ways in which these are pertinent to Spanish novels written in the first postwar decades, with studies on novels by Camilo José Cela, Carmen Laforet, Arturo Barea and Ana María Matute. Its second section focuses on the representation of trauma in specific postwar novels, drawing on elements from trauma studies scholarship to discuss neglected works by Mercedes Salisachs, Dolores Medio and Ignacio Aldecoa. The final essays continue the focus on the theme of trauma and revisit works by women writers, namely Carmen Laforet, Rosa Chacel, Ana María Matute and María Zambrano, that foreground the experiences of female protagonists who are seeking to deal with a traumatic past. The essays in this volume thus propose a new direction for the study of Spanish literature of 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, enhancing existing approaches to the postwar Spanish novel through an engagement with contemporary scholarship on memory and trauma in literature.

Antigona Gonzalez

Author : Sara Uribe
ISBN : 1934254649
Genre : Disappeared persons
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Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. Translated from the Spanish by John Pluecker. What is a body when it's lost? ANT�GONA GONZ�LEZ is the story of the search for a body, a specific body, one of the thousands of bodies lost in the war against drug trafficking that began more than a decade ago in Mexico. A woman, Ant�gona Gonz�lez, attempts to narrate the disappearance of Tadeo, her elder brother. She searches for her brother among the dead. San Fernando, Tamaulipas, appears to be the end of her search. But Sara Uribe's book is also a palimpsest that rewrites and cowrites the juxtapositions and interweavings of all the other Antigones. From the foundational Antigone of Sophocles passing through Griselda Gambaro's Ant�gona furiosa, Leopoldo Marechal's Ant�gona V�lez, Mar�a Zambrano's La tumba de Ant�gona all the way to Antigone's Claim by Judith Butler. And this book's writing machine includes testimonies from family members of the victims and fragments and fragments from news stories that provide accounts of all these absences, all the bodies that we are missing. "This brilliant and moving book revives the story of Antigone to confront the horrifying violence shrouded within the present landscape—Antigone, a solitary figure before the law, facing certain death, who invokes a way of resistance at once textual and political. Sophocles' play resonates throughout this act of poetic testimony and fierce interpretation, making emphatic graphic marks precisely where there is no trace of loss."—Judith Butler "Sara Uribe's ANT�GONA GONZ�LEZ reads as if written by the Emily Dickinson of Tamaulipas in response to the loss and violence occurring all around her—it is that intimate, honest, unaffected, intelligent, urgent, innovative, spare, and beautiful. I am so happy that this landmark of contemporary Mexican literature is now available in the United States."—Francisco Goldman "As the families of so many disappeared throughout Mexico, Sara Uribe's ANT�GONA GONZ�LEZ roams a convulsed land looking for the body of Tadeo, her brother. As urgent as it is delicate, ANT�GONA GONZ�LEZ summons the dead and brings them to our tables, for the day we cease sharing memory and language with them, we ourselves will become loss, vanished sign, oblivion."—Cristina Rivera- Garza

Gender And Nation In The Spanish Modernist Novel

Author : Roberta Johnson
ISBN : 0826514375
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Offering a fresh, revisionist analysis of Spanish fiction from 1900 to 1940, this study examines the work of both men and women writers and how they practiced differing forms of modernism. As Roberta Johnson notes, Spanish male novelists emphasized technical and verbal innovation in representing the contents of an individual consciousness and thus were more modernist in the usual understanding of the term. Female writers, on the other hand, were less aesthetically innovative but engaged in a social modernism that focused on domestic issues, gender roles, and relations between the sexes. Compared to the more conventional--even reactionary--ways their male counterparts treated such matters, Spanish women's fiction in the first half of the twentieth century was often revolutionary. The book begins by tracing the history of public discourse on gender from the 1890s through the 1930s, a discourse that included the rise of feminism. Each chapter then analyzes works by female and male novelists that address key issues related to gender and nationalism: the concept of intrahistoria, or an essential Spanish soul; modernist uses of figures from the Spanish literary tradition, notably Don Quixote and Don Juan; biological theories of gender prevalent in the 1920s and 1930s; and the growth of an organized feminist movement that coincided with the burgeoning Republican movement. This is the first book dealing with this period of Spanish literature to consider women novelists, such as Maria Martinez Sierra, Carmen de Burgos, and Concha Espina, alongside canonical male novelists, including Miguel de Unamuno, Ramon del Valle-Inclan, and Pio Baroja. With its contrasting conceptions of modernism, Johnson's work provides a compelling new model for bridging the gender divide in the study of Spanish fiction.

El Arte Tolteca De La Vida Y La Muerte The Toltec Art Of Life And Death Spanish Edition

Author :
ISBN : 9780718077525
Genre : Self-Help
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En este libro, don Miguel Ruiz describe el viaje espiritual más profundo de su vida Ese viaje es en realidad un vistazo a la vida de don Miguel, un profundo encuentro místico con las personas, las circunstancias y las ideas que lo hicieron quien es, tal como él lo experimentó en un sueño durante las nueve semanas que duró el coma en el que estuvo tras un ataque al corazón que sufrió en febrero de 2002. La narración a través de la cual imparte sabiduría sobre lo material y lo inmaterial está revestida de fantasía descriptiva. Asimismo, el lenguaje es rico en alegorías y simbología de las cosas que se valoran y que nos aferran a la vida y a otros. Esta obra es lo que él ha denominado su legado, el compendio de las experiencias de su vida y la sabiduría que ha adquirido, pues, como él dice, «un legado es todo lo que somos, la totalidad de nosotros mismos». «A aquellos que deseen aprender de mis palabras, les ofrezco las experiencias de mi vida», dice don Miguel. «Escuchen, vean, atrévanse a cambiar su propio mundo, un mundo hecho de pensamientos y de respuestas automáticas. Permitan que los acontecimientos de mi vida les inspiren nuevas percepciones sobre su propio sueño y sus desafíos actuales», desafía a los lectores.

Skulls To The Living Bread To The Dead

Author : Stanley Brandes
ISBN : 9781405178709
Genre : Social Science
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Each October, as the Day of the Dead draws near, Mexican markets overflow with decorated breads, fanciful paper cutouts, and whimsical toy skulls and skeletons. To honor deceased relatives, Mexicans decorate graves and erect home altars. Drawing on a rich array of historical and ethnographic evidence, this volume reveals the origin and changing character of this celebrated holiday. It explores the emergence of the Day of the Dead as a symbol of Mexican and Mexican-American national identity. Skulls to the Living, Bread to the Dead poses a serious challenge to the widespread stereotype of the morbid Mexican, unafraid of death, and obsessed with dying. In fact, the Day of the Dead, as shown here, is a powerful affirmation of life and creativity. Beautifully illustrated, this book is essential for anyone interested in Mexican culture, art, and folklore, as well as contemporary globalization and identity formation.

The President

Author : Miguel Angel Asturias
ISBN : 9781478607816
Genre : Fiction
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Fiction. In English translation. Guatemalan diplomat and writer Miguel Angel Asturias (1899-1974) began this award-winning work while still a law student. It is a story of a ruthless dictator and his schemes to dispose of a political adversary in an unnamed Latin American country usually identified as Guatemala. The book has been acclaimed for portraying both a totalitarian government and its damaging psychological effects. Drawing from his experiences as a journalist writing under repressive conditions, Asturias employs such literary devices as satire to convey the governments transgressions and surrealistic dream sequences to demonstrate the police states impact on the individual psyche. Asturiass stance against all forms of injustice in Guatemala caused critics to view the author as a compassionate spokesperson for the oppressed. My work, Asturias promised when he accepted the Nobel Prize for Literature, will continue to reflect the voice of the people, gathering their myths and popular beliefs and at the same time seeking to give birth to a universal consciousness of Latin American problems.

The Canadian Modern Language Review

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105007101137
Genre : Languages, Modern
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