miss zapatos de lujo betacoqueta spanish edition

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Miss Zapatos De Lujo Betacoqueta

Author : Ana Cantarero
ISBN : 9788491290445
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Miss Zapatos de Lujo es la historia de un rockero sin inspiración, una chica inalcanzable, un novio de anuncio, una fiesta salvaje, las peripecias de una banda de rock y... secretos inconfesables guardados bajo llave. Si la vida fuera una novela chick-lit... ...Marta García, la redactora de moda, habría ascendido en la revista femenina para la que trabaja y no tendría que abandonar su puesto de trabajo para convertirse en la esclava de un cantante egocéntrico. ...Xavier, su novio y compañero de trabajo, tampoco se habría acostado con Erica, la jefa de ambos. ...O al menos habría conocido a un espectacular millonario vestido con un traje de Armani color gris marengo que le quitara las penas. Pues bien: nada que ver con lo que el destino le tiene reservado. Tras hacer su primera entrevista en la discográfica Sound Music, Marta, la chica de los zapatos delujo, colisiona con Nick Mendoza, un guapísimo# macarra. Ni corbata ni traje de diseño ni elegancia. Tan solo una sudadera vieja, unas botas mugrientas y un montón de tatuajes espeluznantes. En el momento en que los caminos de Marta y Nick se cruzan, la vida de ambos se complica. Son dos personas opuestas, con un pasado difícil y de mundo diferentes. Entre ellos saltan chispas; entre ellos hay también una tensión sexual desmedida, pero ¿son suficientes armas para derribar las barreras de Marta? Las lectoras han dicho... «La sensualidad que desprenden estas páginas te atrapa en el primer párrafo y no te deja respirar hasta el punto final.» Puri Ruiz, periodista literaria de Trendencias «Llevaba mucho tiempo sin engancharme tanto a un libro. Me atrapó la historia de amor de estos dos polos opuestos cargada de humor, sexo y ternura. Las referencias al mundo de la moda y de la música son un plus. Pero sobre todo me sorprendió la profundidad de los dos protagonistas y el final sorpresa. Marta, por cierto, tiene la virtud de ser una pija adorable a lo Rachel de Friends. Imposible no encariñarse con ella.» Mayka Sánchez «Una historia divertida y llena de emociones que te engancha desde la primera página. Los personajes tienen un trasfondo más profundo y original, dando un paso más en el género chick-lit. Una historia dinámica que la autora maneja con un estilo fresco y cuidado. Cien por cien recomendable.» Patricia Nuñez «Uno siempre se acerca a estas historias con los prejuicios de lo ya leído. Pero afortunadamente siempre hay margen para la sorpresa y en este caso se consigue con una historia emocionante, fresca y que mantiene el interés hasta la última línea.» Judith Crespo

Calendar Girl Volume Three

Author : Audrey Carlan
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Mia Saunders journey continues in the third wicked hot anthology of the Calendar Girl Series! In the next three months, Mia heads to Miami, Texas, and her hometown, Las Vegas. In July, she serves as the seductress in a music video to platinum selling hip hop artist Anton Santiago. Still dealing with the trauma from June, our girl opens her heart and finds that taking risks in life and love could give her all that she ever needed and more. In August, Mia heads to Texas to put on her acting hat and pretend to be the long lost sister of oil tycoon and big business man Maxwell Cunningham. The job should have been a snap, only secrets are revealed from her past that change everything she knew to be true. In September, Mia dashes home to sin city where the world around her seems to implode. The people she loves are fighting battles she isn’t prepared for, but desperate to solve before she loses it all.

The Marriage Trap

Author : J. Probst
ISBN : 9781476780184
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 99 MB
Format : PDF
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Effective Data Visualization

Author : Stephanie D. H. Evergreen
ISBN : 9781506303079
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 36. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Written by sought-after speaker, designer, and researcher Stephanie D. H. Evergreen, Effective Data Visualization shows readers how to create Excel charts and graphs that best communicate data findings. This comprehensive how-to guide functions as a set of blueprints—supported by research and the author’s extensive experience with clients in industries all over the world—for conveying data in an impactful way. Delivered in Evergreen’s humorous and approachable style, the book covers the spectrum of graph types available beyond the default options, how to determine which one most appropriately fits specific data stories, and easy steps for making the chosen graph in Excel.

Bigger Leaner Stronger

Author : Michael Matthews
ISBN : 9780982422755
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 54. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you want to be muscular, lean, and strong as quickly as possible without steroids, good genetics, or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym and money on supplements...then you want to read this book. Here's the deal: Getting into awesome shape isn't nearly as complicated as the fitness industry wants you to believe. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars per month on the worthless supplements that steroid freaks shill in advertisements. You don't need to constantly change up your exercise routines to "confuse" your muscles. I'm pretty sure muscles lack cognitive abilities, but this approach is a good way to just confuse you instead. You don't need to burn through buckets of protein powder every month, stuffing down enough protein each day to feed a third world village. You don't need to toil away in the gym for a couple of hours per day, doing tons of sets, supersets, drop sets, giant sets, etc. (As a matter of fact, this is a great way to stunt gains and get nowhere.) You don't need to grind out hours and hours of boring cardio to shed ugly belly fat and love handles and get a shredded six-pack. (How many flabby treadmillers have you come across over the years?) You don't need to completely abstain from "cheat" foods while getting down to single-digit body fat percentages. If you plan cheat meals correctly, you can actually speed your metabolism up and accelerate fat loss. In this book you're going to learn something most guys will never know: The exact formula of exercise and eating that makes putting on 10 to 15 pounds of quality lean mass a breeze...and it only takes 8-12 weeks. This book reveals secrets like... The 6 biggest myths and mistakes of building muscle that stunt 99% of guys' muscle gains. (These BS lies are pushed by all the big magazines and even by many trainers.) How to get a lean, cut physique that you love (and that girls drool over) by spending no more than 5 percent of your time each day. The 4 laws of muscle growth that, when applied, turn your body into an anabolic, muscle-building machine. You'll be shocked at how easy it really is to get big once you know what you're doing... How to develop a lightning-fast metabolism that burns up fat quickly and leaves you feeling full of energy all day long. The carefully-selected exercises that deliver MAXIMUM results for your efforts, helping you build a big, full chest, a wide, tapered back, and bulging biceps. A no-BS guide to supplements that will save you hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars each year that you would've wasted on products that are nothing more than bunk science and marketing hype. How to get shredded while still indulging in the "cheat" foods that you love every week like pasta, pizza, and ice cream. And a whole lot more! The bottom line is you CAN achieve that "Hollywood hunk" body without having your life revolve around it--no long hours in the gym, no starving yourself, no grueling cardio that turns your stomach. Imagine, just 12 weeks from now, being constantly complimented on how you look and asked what the heck you're doing to make such startling gains. Imagine enjoying the added benefits of high energy levels, no aches and pains, better spirits, and knowing that you're getting healthier every day. SPECIAL BONUS FOR READERS! With this book you'll also get a free 75-page bonus report from the author called "The Year One Challenge." In this bonus report, you'll learn exactly how to train, eat, and supplement to make maximum gains in your first year of training. By applying what you learn in the book and in this report, you can make more progress in one year than most guys make in three, four, or even five (seriously!). Scroll up, click the "Buy" button now, and begin your journey to a bigger, leaner, and stronger you!

Joy On Demand

Author : Chade-Meng Tan
ISBN : 9780062378941
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 50. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A long-awaited follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Search Inside Yourself shows us how to cultivate joy within the context of our fast-paced lives and explains why it is critical to creativity, innovation, confidence, and ultimately success in every arena. In Joy on Demand, Chade-Meng Tan shows that you don’t need to meditate for hours, days, months or years to achieve lasting joy—you can actually get consistent access to it in as little as fifteen seconds. Explaining joy and meditation as complementary things that naturally reinforce each other, Meng explains how these two skills form a virtuous cycle, and once put into motion, become a solid practice that can be sustained in daily life. For many years, meditation has been taught and practiced in cultures where almost all meditators practice full-time for years, resulting in training programs optimized for practitioners with lots of free time and not much else to do but develop profound mastery over the mind. Seeing a disconnect between the traditional practice and the modern world, the bestselling author and Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow” has developed a program, through “wise laziness,” to help readers meditate more efficiently and effectively. Meng shares the three pillars of joy (inner peace, insight, and happiness), why joy is the secret is to success, and demonstrates the practical tools anyone can use to cultivate it on demand.


Author : Regena Thomashauer
ISBN : 1401950248
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 31. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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Regena Thomashauer, creatrix of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, has spent 20 years helping women unlearn the lessons our culture teaches--that a "successful" life means achieving, accomplishing, and taking care of others--and showing them how to connect deeply with their own source of feminine power. It hasn't escaped her notice that the word that most viscerally sums up that power is "arguably the most powerful pejorative word in the English language." In this book, she steps forward to return that word to its rightful place--as the highest of all possible compliments, as a sacred living prayer. Pussy is written to reacquaint women with their own power source--both figuratively, with insight into the divine feminine as a force in the world, and literally, with instructions for developing "cliteracy" and understanding what makes them tick sensually. Regena walks readers through "pussy rehab" to help them awaken a part of themselves they've been taught to ignore, repress, even despise, and she lays out the steps to living a turned-on life--which simply means authentic, radiant, and open to pleasure and joy. Readers learn turn-on strategies including dance breaks, brags, favorite frames, and gratitudes all help readers speak their truth and ignite their spirit, and exercises such as Swamping give them a way to process intense emotion by moving it through their bodies. By turns earthy and erudite, passionately argued and laugh-out-loud funny, Pussy delivers the tools and practices a woman requires to do and be whatever she wants in this life. It's a call for her to tune in, turn on, and not drop out--but live more richly, fully, and lusciously than she ever thought she could.

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