predictably irrational revised and expanded edition the hidden forces that shape our decisions

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Predictably Irrational The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

Author : Dan Ariely
ISBN : 9780007319923
Genre : Psychology
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Why do smart people make irrational decisions every day? The answers will surprise you. Predictably Irrational is an intriguing, witty and utterly original look at why we all make illogical decisions.

Predictably Irrational

Author :
ISBN : 9780061750113
Genre :
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Format : PDF
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Predictably Irrational Revised And Expanded Edition

Author : Dan Ariely
ISBN : 9780061353246
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Why do our headaches persist after we take a one-cent aspirin but disappear when we take a fifty-cent aspirin? Why do we splurge on a lavish meal but cut coupons to save twenty-five cents on a can of soup? When it comes to making decisions in our lives, we think we're making smart, rational choices. But are we? In this newly revised and expanded edition of the groundbreaking New York Times bestseller, Dan Ariely refutes the common assumption that we behave in fundamentally rational ways. From drinking coffee to losing weight, from buying a car to choosing a romantic partner, we consistently overpay, underestimate, and procrastinate. Yet these misguided behaviors are neither random nor senseless. They're systematic and predictable—making us predictably irrational.

Happy Money

Author : Elizabeth Dunn
ISBN : 9781851689989
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44. 78 MB
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After a fairly low threshold, income and material wealth have no measurable effect on happiness. But how we spend our money does. In this groundbreaking book, Dr Elizabeth Dunn and Dr Michael Norton explain the secret to “happiness-efficient” spending. Using their own cutting-edge research, they reveal: • Why it’s better to buy concert tickets instead of a new iPhone • Adverts actually make television more enjoyable • Why you should book your next holiday many months in advance • How “time affluence” is more important than a fat pay cheque • Why charitable giving is the best investment you can make A rare combination of informed science writing, wit, and practical pointers for a flourishing life, Happy Money will help you to be more fulfilled for less.

Predictably Rational

Author : Richard B. McKenzie
ISBN : 3642015867
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72. 47 MB
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Mainstream economists everywhere exhibit an "irrational passion for dispassionate rationality." Behavioral economists, and long-time critic of mainstream economics suggests that people in mainstrean economic models "can think like Albert Einstein, store as much memory as IBM’s Big Blue, and exercise the will power of Mahatma Gandhi," suggesting that such a view of real world modern homo sapiens is simply wrongheaded. Indeed, Thaler and other behavioral economists and psychology have documented a variety of ways in which real-world people fall far short of mainstream economists' idealized economic actor, perfectly rational homo economicus. Behavioral economist Daniel Ariely has concluded that real-world people not only exhibit an array of decision-making frailties and biases, they are "predictably irrational," a position now shared by so many behavioral economists, psychologists, sociologists, and evolutionary biologists that a defense of the core rationality premise of modedrn economics is demanded.


Author : Richard H Thaler
ISBN : 9780141966151
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Why are we more likely to forgo the opportunity to sell a £100 bottle of wine rather than actually taking money out our wallet to pay for it, when ultimately the 'opportunity cost' of doing so is the same? Why would the 'endowment effect' mean that we value a free ticket worth hundreds of pounds more than the money we would get from selling it? In this new, ambitious work, Thaler presents his findings in behavioural economics and breaks down the biases and irrational tendancies in our thinking, showing us how to avoid making costly mistakes in life.


Author : Richard H. Thaler
ISBN : 9780300146813
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Thaler and Sunstein offer a groundbreaking discussion of how to apply the science of choice to nudge people toward decisions that can improve their lives without restricting their freedom of choice.

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