rape culture hysteria fixing the damage done to men and women

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Why Rape Culture Is A Dangerous Myth

Author : Luke Gittos
ISBN : 9781845408855
Genre : Political Science
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Today it is often said that we live in a 'rape culture'. Panicked headlines tell us that rape is on the increase and that the police are failing to deal with it. Our courts are said to be incapable of delivering justice in rape cases, with the rate of convictions remaining consistently low. Sexism and misogyny in wider society have created a culture in which rape is pervasive, under-reported and often ignored by an uncaring public. But these claims are built on myths and misunderstandings. This book argues that the belief in a 'rape culture' is seriously distorting our discussion of sexual violence. It explains how the laws around rape have expanded significantly in recent decades, giving the state a far greater say in the most intimate areas of our lives. The drive to prosecute more and more people has damaging implications for our legal rights and basic freedoms - and our ability to live intimately with one another. If we are to have a serious discussion about rape, it's time to dispel the dangerous myth of rape culture.

Sexual Correctness

Author : Wendy McElroy
ISBN : 0786411449
Genre : Social Science
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As feminist and women-positive ideas and ideals exploded in the 1960s and 1970s, a sexual revolution was forged, allowing women a variety of lifestyle choices. Many current feminists, called "gender feminists" by some, too often are fighting to limit the sexual options of women. They view women as victims of patriarchy whom must be protected from making incorrect sexual choices, such as choosing to work in pornography or prostitution. As a movement, author McElroy believes, feminism is in danger of drifting from sexual liberation to sexual correctness. This work gives a critical overview of the ideological shift among many feminists. The issues of sexual correctness are examined in detail, showing how the changing ideology is destroying the principle of "a woman's body, a woman's right" and endangering women's right to choose. On each issue, this work presents alternatives in the individualist traditions that defined the feminism movement for many years.

The Discovery Of Freedom

Author :
ISBN : 9781621290117
Genre :
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Who Stole Feminism

Author : Christina Hoff Sommers
ISBN : 9780684801568
Genre : Social Science
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Reviewers of this book have praised Christina Hoff Sommer's well-reasoned argument against many feminists' reliance on misleading, politically motivated 'facts' about how women are victimised.

Lady Franklin S Revenge

Author : Ken McGoogan
ISBN : 9781554689200
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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When Sir John Franklin disappeared into the Arctic in 1845, it was his adventurous wife, Jane Franklin, who kept the search for him alive and, as a result, contributed more to the discovery and mapping of the North than any explorer. A third masterful biography from historian Ken McGoogan, Lady Franklin’s Revenge is the richly documented story of a complex, ambitious Victorian—arguably the greatest woman traveller of the 19th century— and the transformation of a failed expedition into a triumphant legend. A Globe and Mail Book of the Year, and shortlisted for the Ontario Libraries Evergreen Award, Lady Franklin’s Revenge is an exquisitely illustrated epic adventure.

Individualist Feminism Of The Nineteenth Century

Author : Wendy McElroy
ISBN : 0786407751
Genre : Social Science
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Feminism today has many definitions, but to a large degree, the movement has its roots in nineteenth century individualist feminism, which was based on the theory that all humans should be treated as sovereign individuals, regardless of gender, race, or religion. This once-shocking idea was championed by many individuals and publications now largely forgotten. This unique work covers the history of the individualist feminism movement and of three prominent publications that rose in its defense: The Word, Liberty, and Lucifer the Light Bearer. Although these journals published some of the most important ideas on feminism, anarchism, and personal liberty, they are often overlooked today. Biographies and selections of writing from contributors to these magazines feature the remarkable women and men who laid many of the foundations for modern feminist thought. Included among those profiled are Angela Heywood, who first defended abortion based on woman's self-ownership of her body, and Lillian Harman, who was jailed at the age of 16 for being married without state or church ceremonies. These profiles and writings provide insight into the lives and work of these important, but often neglected early feminists.


Author : Wendy McElroy
ISBN : 0312152450
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 62. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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While unflinchingly and unapologetically debunking anti-pornography feminist arguments, McElroy builds a sensible and broad-minded testimony for tolerance, and for the right of women everywhere to enjoy their sexuality.

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