reflections the santorno series book 6

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V Is For Vicious

Author : Sandrine Gas-Dion
ISBN : 1539831930
Genre :
File Size : 82. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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What happens when you mix one part close family, one part assassination plot, a pinch of 'love is in the air', a big dollop of a man so vicious he doesn't even feel pain, sprinkle it with suave mob boss and then wash it all down with lots of vodka? Kaboom! The Youngblood extended family and Damon Santorno's organization have joined forces with mob families across Europe who share their mission of ridding the planet of the worst kind of human garbage - human traffickers, drug lords and murderers. When one such mission goes badly wrong, the family takes a hit as one of its own is severely injured and may never fully recover. In the wake of the heartache, they are introduced to badass assassin and all-around scary dude Vince Markov, who agrees to work with them. Vince IS vicious, but he likes the team -- and something about sweet Dylan McAllister touches what passes for his heart. When he comes face to face with the man whose father he brutally murdered, will his time with the group end before it even gets started? Or will he have to take yet another life to survive? Against the backdrop of blood red, there's also plenty of pink and blue as the Christmas stork delivers not one, not two - but four precious babies into the world. Stefan Youngblood is over the moon but he worries that one of his children will end up with a proverbial knife through his heart.

The Medicine And The Mob

Author : Sandrine Gasq-Dion
ISBN : 1310508747
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Stefan Sanders knows two things: He never wants to be like his father. He's going to die if someone doesn't remove the tumor in his head.Stefan is the son of a notorious and ruthless mobster, which effectively scares off any doctor he'd let anywhere near his brain. Enter pompous, rude Jordan Youngblood, a gifted neurosurgeon who isn't afraid of anyone and loves a good challenge. The doctor is his own biggest fan, and lacks even a passable bedside manner - but if he get's the job done, who is Stefan to complain?Jordan Youngblood knows one thing: He's never going to get close to a patient again. Ever. That rule works well until Damon Santorno walks into his office. Jordan's a genius, and it doesn't take one to figure out that Damon means business. His son is dying of a brain tumor and even with all his power and money, Damon can't save him. But Jordan can.With a not-so-gentle nudge from the older Santorno, Jordan agrees to take on Stefan's case. He expects one more notch on his brilliant scalpel, not a dimpled patient who is completely sweet and impossible to avoid. Things get complicated as Jordan strives to save Stefan's life and his own heart.They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Stefan and Jordan find that there really are plenty of shades of gray between black and white, right and wrong.

Postmenopausal Endocrinology An Issue Of Endocrinology And Metabolism Clinics Of North America

Author : Nanette Santoro
ISBN : 9780323395625
Genre : Medical
File Size : 60. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics, edited by Drs. Nanette Santoro and Lubna Pal, is devoted to Postmenopausal Endocrinology. Articles in this issue include: Endocrinology of Menopause; Menopausal Symptoms; Bone Health and Osteoporosis; Surgical Menopause; Premature Menopause; Cardiovascular Changes; MHT: Current Considerations; Breast Cancer and Hormones; Other Cancers and Menopause; CAM for Menopausal Symptoms; Menopause and Sexuality; and Menopause and Metabolism.

Autonomy Freedom And Rights

Author : Emilio Santoro
ISBN : 140201404X
Genre : Law
File Size : 28. 39 MB
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Autonomy, viewed as a subject's autonomous designing of her own distinctive 'individuality', is not a constitutive problem for liberal theory. Since its earliest formulations, liberalism has taken it for granted that protecting rights is a sufficient guarantee for the primacy of individual subjectivity. The most dangerous legacy of the 'hierarchical-dualist' representation of the subject is the primacy given to reason in defining an individual's identity. For Santoro freedom is not a fixed measure. It is not the container of powers and rights defining an individual's role and identity. It is rather the outcome of a process whereby individuals continuously re-define the shape of their individuality. Freedom is everything that each of us manages to be in his or her active and uncertain opposition to external 'pressures'.

Cincinnati Magazine

Author :
Genre :
File Size : 35. 77 MB
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Cincinnati Magazine taps into the DNA of the city, exploring shopping, dining, living, and culture and giving readers a ringside seat on the issues shaping the region.

Exile And Embrace

Author : Anthony Santoro
ISBN : 9781555538187
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 53. 7 MB
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With passion and precision, Exile and Embrace examines the key elements of the religious debates over capital punishment and shows how they reflect the values and self-understandings of contemporary Americans. Santoro demonstrates that capital punishment has relatively little to do with the perpetrators and much more to do with those who would impose the punishment. Because of this, he convincingly argues, we should focus our attention not on the perpetrators and victims, as is typically the case in debates pro and con about the death penalty, but on ourselves and on the mechanisms that we use to impose or oppose the death penalty. An important book that will appeal to those involved in the death penalty debate and to general religious studies and American studies scholars, as well.

Mothers Of Invention

Author : Miléna Santoro
ISBN : 0773524878
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 35. 61 MB
Format : PDF
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Mothers of Invention draws together innovative works of fiction written by French and Quebec feminists in the mid-1970s. Through an analysis of the strategies adopted by Hlne Cixous, Madeleine Gagnon, Nicole Brossard, and Jeanne Hyvrard as they rework maternal and (pro)creative metaphors and play with language and conventions of genre, Milna Santoro identifies a transatlantic community of women writers who share a subversive aesthetic that participates in, even as it transforms, the tradition of the avant-garde in twentieth-century literature. Santoro elucidates notoriously difficult works by the four "mothers of invention" studied - Cixous and Hyvrard from France, and Gagnon and Brossard from Quebec - showing how the rethinking of images associated with femininity and motherhood, a disruptive approach to language, and a subversive relation to novelistic conventions characterize these writers' search for a writing that will best express women's desires and dreams. Mothers of Invention situates such ideologically motivated textual practices within the avant-garde tradition, even as it suggests how women's experimental writings collectively transform our understanding of that tradition. Santoro makes clear the shared ethical and aesthetic commitments that nourished a transatlantic community whose contribution to mainstream literature and cultural productions, including postmodernism, is still being felt today.

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