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Shock And The Senseless In Dada And Fluxus

Author : Dorothée Brill
ISBN : 9781584659174
Genre : Art
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A groundbreaking analysis of two movements of the historical avant-garde

Making Sense Of The Senseless

Author : Ron D. Kingsley
ISBN : 9781401068752
Genre : Psychology
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This book represents a culmination of research, thought, and clinical experience collected over the past 15 years. It was written to help those individuals who find themselves in the quandry of not demonstrating symptoms of sufficient intensity and/or severity to be recognized as obsessive and compuslive and yet they are. Such mild-moderate symptoms (Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms; OCS rather than OCD) are nevfertheless life interfering, distressing, anxiety and panic provoking, have secondary and tertiary symptoms causally linked to them such as depression, explosiveness, emotional instability and yet are very treatable. This book is for us all. May the information therein help you as it has been helping others well before the actual book was completed. Ron D. Kingsley

Senseless Acts Of Beauty

Author : George McKay
ISBN : 1859849083
Genre : Government, Resistance to
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Welcome to the social and environmental devastation that is Britain in 1996. Welcome to interchangeable political parties and their chattering media jesters pulling together to make Johnny Rotten's dream come true: no future. But despite their best efforts, fear, cynicism and the National Lottery aren't the whole story. Protest hasn't disappeared during the last twenty years, and nor have solidarity and imagination. They have simply taken new forms; they have moved out and moved on. More and more people, young people especially, are making a virtue of necessity and living outside Britain's rotting institutional fabric. Travellers, tribes, ravers or squatters, direct-action protesters of every kind, DIYers. This book is the first attempt to write their history, to explore and celebrate their endlessly creative senselessness. George McKay looks back at the hippies of the sixties and punks of the seventies, and shows hot their legacies have been transformed into what he calls cultures of resistance. His journey through the undergrounds of the last two decades takes us from the Windsor Free Festival of 1972 to the Castlemorton Free Rave Megaparty exactly twenty years later, from the anarchopunk band Crass via Teepee Valley and Glastonbury to today's ever-intensifying anti-road protests, and to the widespread opposition to the Criminal Justice Act. Drawing on fanzines and free papers, record lyrics, interviews and diaries, Senseless Acts of Beauty gives a vivid, insider account of countercultures, networks and movements that until now have remained largely unrecorded. At the same time, George McKay analyses their effects, and gives his own answers to the questions they pose: what are their politics, their aspirations, their consequences? One thing is certain, he argues: if there is resistance anywhere in Britain today, then it is here, in the beat-up buses, beleaguered squats and tree-top barricades, that we should start to look for it.


Author : Jim Miotke
ISBN : 9780595093113
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77. 7 MB
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Karl Gunther's accident and long coma left him with a periodic sudden loss of one of his senses or motor skills, accompanied by burst of super-powered ESP. He escaped from treatment by the beautiful doctor, Elena Straphos, who he's beginning to love. Now he feels doomed to a life of menial jobs as a homeless vagrant. The Atlanta police are hunting a serial killer who has been dubbed "Stinky" because he douses his female victims with Bay Rum. Stinky becomes obsessed with Elena. Karl has been struck blind on his night run and slides down into a roadside ditch to wait his sight's return. Stinky has just killed again and discards the body in the same roadside ditch. The bloody corpse rolls onto the blind Karl, who leaves his fingerprints in pushing the body away. The police immediately suspect Karl but can't locate him. Karl returns to Elena for help. Stinky attacks a policewoman guarding Elena and Karl is also wounded defending her. Now Stinky has two potential witnesses in Elena's hospital. He decides he has only one option. Kill them all!

Senseless Panic

Author : William M. Isaac
ISBN : 9781118473191
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32. 26 MB
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The truth about the 2008 economic crisis from a Washington insider The 1980s opened with the prime interest rate at an astonishing 21.5 percent, leading to a severe recession with unemployment reaching nearly 11 percent. Depression-like conditions befell the country, the entire thrift industry was badly insolvent and the major money center banks were loaded with third world debt. Some 3,000 bank and thrifts failed, including nine of Texas’ ten largest, and Continental Illinois, which, at the time, was the seventh largest bank in the nation. These severe conditions were not only handled without creating a panic, the economy actually embarked on the longest peacetime expansion in history. In Senseless Panic: How Washington Failed America, William M. Isaac, Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) during the banking and S&L crises of the 1980s, details what was different about 2008’s meltdown that allowed the failure of a comparative handful of institutions to nearly shut down the world’s financial system. The book also tells the rousing story of Isaac’s time at the FDIC. Details the mistakes that led to the panic of 2008 and 2009 An updated paperback revision of the bestselling book on the 2008 economic crisis, including a fascinating new Epilogue Demystifies the conditions America faced in 2008 Provides a road map for avoiding similar shutdowns and panics in the future Includes a foreword by Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker Senseless Panic is a provocative, quick-paced, and thoughtful analysis of what went wrong with the nation's banking system, a blunt indictment of United States policy, and a road map for making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Senseless Mind

Author : Lee C. George
ISBN : 9780595519316
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 17 MB
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"God, look at it! Look at it, Nash." Perhaps Merak is addressing the Lord as much as his assistant, for what he discovers is nothing less than miraculous. The age-old debate over "Nature" versus "Nurture" is resolved. Humans do possess innate knowledge. In the seemingly empty mind of a child, they expose the seed to the origin of all existence-the tiny bit of information that started it all. But the child is in danger. Researchers have taken it for use in mind-manipulation experiments. Now its mother, Mira, is compelled to rescue her baby. She is driven by cryptic premonitions surfacing from her unconscious mind. She does not know that her abducted newborn holds the answers to her puzzles locked in his brain. Since her insemination, Mira's visions are more frequent, her best friend is obsessed with her dream diary, her neighbor is murdered, and a bookstore proprietor tells her of an apocalyptic prophecy surrounding two antiques she possesses-all linking to the events to befall the child. She must hurry to solve her mystery and save her son, but their reunion sparks a final episode, fulfilling the prophecy and leaving the fate of humanity within an infant's Senseless Mind.

A Seemingly Senseless Act

Author : Pete Catalano
ISBN : 9780595419913
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51. 35 MB
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