stop living in this land go to the everlasting world of happiness live there forever japanese edition

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Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever

Author : Woo Myung
ISBN : 9780984912445
Genre : Philosophy
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At last, the way to become complete is revealed in Woo Myung’s best-selling book, Stop Living in This Land Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness Live There Forever. Now we can live in the everlasting world of happiness. By discarding one’s false mind, one can live as the infinite, never-changing universe, which is truth self. This book unveils the mysteries of the human mind and teaches the ultimate solution to become liberated from the illusion of the false self and live forever as Truth. It gives all people hope to be free of pain and suffering. This book is for everyone: those seeking happiness, those suffering from stress and worries, those searching for the meaning and purpose of life, those wanting to understand the human mind, those wanting to know the universe mind, those interested in spirituality and Truth, and those wanting a unified world of harmony and peace. The diversity of people interested in these teachings is as vast as humanity itself. The book provides the ultimate answers to the questions, ’What is the human mind?’ ‘What is the meaning and the purpose of life?’ ‘What is enlightenment?’ A countless number of people have asked these questions and many have tried to answer them. This book provides the ultimate answers. Now is the time to stop living in this land. Now is time to go to the everlasting world of happiness. Now is the time to live forever in the true world. Woo Myung will teach you how.

Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever Japanese Edition

Author : Woo Myung
ISBN : 9781625930040
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 43. 44 MB
Format : PDF
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自由と幸福に満ち、不安や心配事のない人生を私たちは夢見ます。互いを信頼し、心地良く生きられる人生、争いがなく、笑顔が絶えることがなく、限りない安心と共に健やかに暮らせる人生・・・。 私たちが思い描くあるべき人生の姿こそ、理想の世界といえるでしょう。しかしそうした理想の世界は、現実には極めて実現困難なものと思われていることもまた事実です。現に、この世に暮らす誰もが平和や幸福を願う一方、世界では今も紛争や悲惨な出来事が絶えません。また私たちの日常でも悩みや不安は尽きることがありません。 しかし本書の著者ウミョンは、その理想の世界は実現不可能なものではなく今この場で実現可能だと語ります。私たちが願い夢見る理想の世界。それは、人間の心を本来なる真理の心、すなわち宇宙の心に変えた時に実現するとウミョンは説きます。 「私たち人間は、生まれながらにしてこの世を写真に撮り収め、自らの家族や仕事、お金や愛や名誉、憎い相手に至るまで、人生の一切を写真に撮り続けている。そうして作った写真の世界こそ、自らが作り上げた心の世界であり人間の心だ。人間はこの心の世界で様々に葛藤し、愛し、憎み、善悪を分け隔て、自らの劣等意識を克服しようとしているから悩みがあり、労苦を重ねるばかりなのだ。人はその人間の心を捨てさえすればいいのである・・・今までは心に何かを付け足すばかりの時代だったが、今は心を捨て去る時代であり、話の中にしかなかった真理になる時代だ」(ウミョン) 人生の年月を重ねるほどに不安を感じ、虚しさばかりが胸を衝くのはなぜなのでしょうか? それは、自分の心の世界があるためです。ウミョンは読者にこう問いかけます。自らの心の世界をすべて捨て、人の心を神なる宇宙の心へと変え、宇宙の心となって永遠なる幸福の国で生きるべきではないかと。今や自分の心の世界に生きる時代ではなく、私たちが生きるべき本来の世界・永遠なる幸福の国で理想の世界を実現する時代です。人間がこの世に生まれて生きる意味と目的、偽りの心の世界を脱ぎ捨てて本来の自分として生きる道筋を明らかにする本書は、この世に生きるあらゆる人々にとって真の福音となる一冊です。 本書は世界最大のインターネット書店であるアマゾンで、総合ベストセラーで全体一位を獲得し、2012年度年間ベストセラーに選ばれた。

Nature S Flow

Author : Woo Myung
ISBN : 9781625930088
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 48. 44 MB
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These genuine collections of poetry beautifully convey the importance to man of reaching Truth, as well as enlightenment, eternal life, and inner peace. What is Truth? What is the life of the natural flow of the universe? Nature’s Flow easily and simply teaches how to become the perfect and pure true mind, and how to live by the natural flow of the universe. Woo Myung guides you to the enlightenment that humans are Truth and that everything is one. The poetry candidly and poignantly demonstrates that only the person who becomes one with everything can be in heaven and can live life with wisdom.

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

Author : Marshall Berman
ISBN : 0860917851
Genre : Civilization, Modern
File Size : 69. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The experience of modernization -- the dizzying social changes that swept millions of people into the capitalist world -- and modernism in art, literature and architecture are brilliantly integrated in this account.

Behind The Beautiful Forevers

Author : Katherine Boo
ISBN : 9780679643951
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 21. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this brilliant, breathtaking book by Pulitzer Prize winner Katherine Boo, a bewildering age of global change and inequality is made human through the dramatic story of families striving toward a better life in Annawadi, a makeshift settlement in the shadow of luxury hotels near the Mumbai airport. As India starts to prosper, the residents of Annawadi are electric with hope. Abdul, an enterprising teenager, sees “a fortune beyond counting” in the recyclable garbage that richer people throw away. Meanwhile Asha, a woman of formidable ambition, has identified a shadier route to the middle class. With a little luck, her beautiful daughter, Annawadi’s “most-everything girl,” might become its first female college graduate. And even the poorest children, like the young thief Kalu, feel themselves inching closer to their dreams. But then Abdul is falsely accused in a shocking tragedy; terror and global recession rock the city; and suppressed tensions over religion, caste, sex, power, and economic envy turn brutal. With intelligence, humor, and deep insight into what connects people to one another in an era of tumultuous change, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, based on years of uncompromising reporting, carries the reader headlong into one of the twenty-first century’s hidden worlds—and into the hearts of families impossible to forget. Winner of the National Book Award | The PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award | The Los Angeles Times Book Prize | The American Academy of Arts and Letters Award | The New York Public Library’s Helen Bernstein Book Award NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times • The Washington Post • O: The Oprah Magazine • USA Today • New York • The Miami Herald • San Francisco Chronicle • Newsday NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New Yorker • People • Entertainment Weekly • The Wall Street Journal • The Boston Globe • The Economist • Financial Times • Newsweek/The Daily Beast • Foreign Policy • The Seattle Times • The Nation • St. Louis Post-Dispatch • The Denver Post • Minneapolis Star Tribune • Salon • The Plain Dealer • The Week • Kansas City Star • Slate • Time Out New York • Publishers Weekly NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “A book of extraordinary intelligence [and] humanity . . . beyond groundbreaking.”—Junot Díaz, The New York Times Book Review “Reported like Watergate, written like Great Expectations, and handily the best international nonfiction in years.”—New York “This book is both a tour de force of social justice reportage and a literary masterpiece.”—Judges’ Citation for the PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award “[A] landmark book.”—The Wall Street Journal “A triumph of a book.”—Amartya Sen “There are books that change the way you feel and see; this is one of them.”—Adrian Nicole LeBlanc “[A] stunning piece of narrative nonfiction . . . [Katherine] Boo’s prose is electric.”—O: The Oprah Magazine “Inspiring, and irresistible . . . Boo’s extraordinary achievement is twofold. She shows us how people in the most desperate circumstances can find the resilience to hang on to their humanity. Just as important, she makes us care.”—People

Jesus Today

Author : Sarah Young
ISBN : 9781400320097
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49. 37 MB
Format : PDF
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Beloved missionary, Sarah Young, shares another deeply spiritual devotional to help readers grow in grace, hear from God, and walk with Jesus TodayTM. Her first book, the acclaimed bestseller, Jesus Calling, was born after years of writing in her prayer journal and feeling led to write down what she believed God was telling her. Gradually, her prayer journal turned from a monologue to a dialogue. Knowing that her writings were not inspired as Scripture is, this process still helped her grow closer in her walk with God. In Jesus TodayTM, readers will be renewed with a deeper sense of hope as Sarah shares this about her spiritual journey in writing the book: "When I began writing Jesus Today, I was deeply discouraged by the failure of many months of intensive medical treatment to improve my health. However, the longer I worked on the book-focusing on finding hope in Jesus-the more hopeful and encouraged I became."

In Cold Blood

Author : Truman Capote
ISBN : 9781412848183
Genre :
File Size : 61. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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