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Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

Author : Ted Allen
ISBN : 0297843842
Genre : Fashion
File Size : 62. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Following on from the hit US television series, the QUEER EYE book teaches men how to refine their own styles without throwing away their entire wardrobe or spending a fortune. Their essential 'make better' advice focuses on easy but lasting lifestyle transformations.From Kyan's instructions on how often to wash your hair to Carson's explanation of why shirts are the new ties, from Ted's strategies for ordering wine and Thom's suggestions on a better bathroom to Jai's hints on shaking hands, QUEER EYE is filled with clear, direct advice on the issues that confront every man.They advise on how to buy jeans, suits and jackets, what to wear when it says black tie, the classics every man should own, the best grooming products and quick fixes for the flat - all done in a lighthearted and entertaining way. QUEER EYE, the book, has more advice than could ever fit in the television show and is guaranteed to turn any frog into a prince charming.

Straight Guys

Author : Shane Allison
ISBN : 9781573448307
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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GAYBIE award-winning editor Shane Allison has cooked up some hot plots and even hotter action in his bold new book where boundaries blur. Gorgeous guys who can get any woman (or guys) they want and know their power. Allison has curated a heady mix of fiction and true life stories about the sex lives of straight guys when nothing is what it seems, when it’s never just black or white. Straight Guys range from husbands on the down low to boyfriends sneaking away from their girlfriends for late night trysts with other men. to sudden encounters where you just can't say no, Allison and his contributors don't shy away from new erotic territory in this exploration of one of the foremost gay fantasies -sex with Straight Guys

Five Shades Of Gay

Author : Rod Mandelli
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Military dudes in camo, barefoot jocks, closeted Washington politicians, horny Wall Street businessmen, and tough cops get down and dirty in the Five Shades of Gay Collection from Gayrotica Press. Included are these five stories previously published individually: Military Gay Sex #1: G.I. Blow Alone in the deserted barracks, a tough and imposing Drill Instructor demands boot and foot worship from an eager recruit. The DI then teaches the recruit that the proper way to perform a military push-up involves a removed uniform and a willing mouth (among other body parts). Gay Political Sex Scandals #1: Senator Brick Scrotorum & His College Buddy Publicly anti-gay and (supposedly straight ) married Senator Brick Scrotorum does his college buddy late one night in the office, unaware that his political science intern, Pete, is spying on them. Gay Foot Worship #1: The Agony of De Feet Gay college senior Warren has been lusting after his soccer-playing straight best friend's feet for three years. When the hot jock limps in after practice one day, Warren offers to examine the alpha male's tantalizing feet. Will Warren's foot worship fetish fantasy of submissively sniffing, licking, and kissing the dominant athlete's sweaty and dirty size thirteen bare feet finally come true? Gay Sex Confessions #5: How To Get Out of a Speeding Ticket As straight guy Jerry rushes home late to meet his girlfriend, he gets pulled over on a deserted road by rough and tough Officer Harmon. The hunky policeman offers Jerry a dirty way to avoid the ticket and subsequent increase in his insurance. Will Jerry give in to the police officer's sexual suggestions and let the hot cop have his way with him in exchange for getting out of the speeding ticket? A Modern Gay Sex Christmas Carol #1: The Silver Haired Boss & The Sexy Employee Despite the temperature dropping outside, miserly businessman Dickteaser refuses to let his underpaid, under-appreciated employee, Bob turn up the heat in the drafty office, pointing out that there are other ways for Bob to keep warm and keep his job at the same time. Can Bob refuse his boss's kinky sexual advances considering he has an unemployed husband at home as well as the out of work college dropout they've recently taken in nick-named Tiny Twink? A Gayrotica Press Gay Erotic Short Story Compilation – 26,600 Words of M2M Action

Openly Straight

Author : Bill Konigsberg
ISBN : 9780545509909
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 49. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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Rafe is a normal teenager from Boulder, Colorado. He plays soccer. He's won skiing prizes. He likes to write. And, oh yeah, he's gay. He's been out since 8th grade, and he isn't teased, and he goes to other high schools and talks about tolerance and stuff. And while that's important, all Rafe really wants is to just be a regular guy. Not that GAY guy. To have it be a part of who he is, but not the headline, every single time. So when he transfers to an all-boys' boarding school in New England, he decides to keep his sexuality a secret -- not so much going back in the closet as starting over with a clean slate. But then he sees a classmate breaking down. He meets a teacher who challenges him to write his story. And most of all, he falls in love with Ben... who doesn't even know that love is possible. This witty, smart, coming-out-again story will appeal to gay and straight kids alike as they watch Rafe navigate being different, fitting in, and what it means to be himself.

Kentucky Straight

Author : Chris Offutt
ISBN : 9780307791818
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Riveting, often heartbreaking stories that take readers through country that is figuratively and literally unmapped. These stories are set in a nameless community too small to be called a town, a place where wanting an education is a mark of ungodly arrogance and dowsing for water a legitimate occupation. Offutt has received a James Michener Grant and a Kentucky Arts Council Award. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Not Gay

Author : Jane Ward
ISBN : 9781479825172
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 24. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A straight white girl can kiss a girl, like it, and still call herself straight—her boyfriend may even encourage her. But can straight white guys experience the same easy sexual fluidity, or would kissing a guy just mean that they are really gay? Not Gay thrusts deep into a world where straight guy-on-guy action is not a myth but a reality: there’s fraternity and military hazing rituals, where new recruits are made to grab each other’s penises and stick fingers up their fellow members’ anuses; online personal ads, where straight men seek other straight men to masturbate with; and, last but not least, the long and clandestine history of straight men frequenting public restrooms for sexual encounters with other men. For Jane Ward, these sexual practices reveal a unique social space where straight white men can—and do—have sex with other straight white men; in fact, she argues, to do so reaffirms rather than challenges their gender and racial identity. Ward illustrates that sex between straight white men allows them to leverage whiteness and masculinity to authenticate their heterosexuality in the context of sex with men. By understanding their same-sex sexual practice as meaningless, accidental, or even necessary, straight white men can perform homosexual contact in heterosexual ways. These sex acts are not slippages into a queer way of being or expressions of a desired but unarticulated gay identity. Instead, Ward argues, they reveal the fluidity and complexity that characterizes all human sexual desire. In the end, Ward’s analysis offers a new way to think about heterosexuality—not as the opposite or absence of homosexuality, but as its own unique mode of engaging in homosexual sex, a mode characterized by pretense, dis-identification and racial and heterosexual privilege. Daring, insightful, and brimming with wit, Not Gay is a fascinating new take on the complexities of heterosexuality in the modern era.

Rubber Room Semantics

Author : Christopher G. Wilkinson
ISBN : 9780595518210
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Rubber Room Semantics offers up a particular and peculiar view of contemporary politics, celebrity, sex and our modern zeitgeist. Comic, for sure; satiric, without doubt; neurotic, absolutely; Rubber Room Semantics provides a unique brand of humor that is essential for anyone trying to make sense of the craziness that has become our modern way of life.Only in Rubber Room Semantics will you get a book that pulls no punches in its attempt to offer the reader a fresh polished voice so unbelievably outrageous you'll never know where the next joke will lead you. The originality, which leaps from each page is the only vantage point where you'll gain the perspective to witness: A penis battle a brain in a game of chess for control of the male psyche Candid confessions straight from the mouth of Paris Hilton's vagina Child rearing advice taught by former Musketeer, Britney Spears Ingenuous openness on what it takes to be apart of the Bush doctrine The Immaculate Conception turned into a Judge Judy case, which involves Satan as a leading prosecutor against God. And so much more. This comedian's satirical stories, saturated in neuroticism, are awaiting your laughter.

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