the amish detective the king family arsonist amish mystery and romance

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The Amish Detective The King Family Arsonist

Author : Hannah Schrock
ISBN : 1537309307
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Gloria Kauffman's world has been turned upside down. Her beloved cousin, Susan King, died three days ago in a house fire which also claimed her parents and twin brothers. The entire family is in mourning, and the community is shaken to the core when the police determine the fire was an act of arson. Who would commit such a heinous crime? And who will be next? At the service, Gloria meets Detective Paul Miller, a young man whose determination to solve the case is second only to hers. They join together to investigate the crime and develop a bond that dangers on forbidden love. Gloria believes there's something suspicious about the crime.The King family were nothing but good, generous, pious Amish people. Who would have wanted to hurt them, and why? It isn't long until Gloria finds out the sad, shocking and terrible truth - and that truth might come at the cost of her life. A superb new Amish mystery story from Hannah Schrock, with suspense and a romantic interest that will keep her avid fans, enthralled until the revelations come in a surprising finale.

When Secrets Strike

Author : Marta Perry
ISBN : 9781460390306
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66. 38 MB
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In Laurel Ridge, Pennsylvania, a community once united must suspect one of their own Amish quilter Sarah Bitler's dreams no longer feature a husband and family. Instead, she searches for success in the quilt shop within Blackburn House, a place once tarnished with deadly secrets. She refuses to let the past influence her future…until an ominous fire forces them to collide. Firefighter Aaron King was the first to touch Sarah's heart—and the first to break it. Now a widower and father of two small girls, his return to Sarah's life brings her buried feelings to the surface. As a string of horrific incidents tears apart their community, an arsonist's wrath threatens to destroy them all. With Aaron as the only suspect, Sarah must follow her instincts to find the truth. But to protect an innocent man, she might risk her heart to Aaron again…and risk her life to an unknown killer.

The Amish Detective Amish Mystery And Romance

Author : Hannah Schrock
ISBN : 1520134703
Genre :
File Size : 43. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED When Jacob Schrock's body is found at the foot of his barn early one morning, it was assumed that he had simply fallen to his death and the community gather around the widow to offer support.Hannah Byler has never married, at twenty-five she half believes it is too late and she half lives in regret at what she might have done in the Englisch world. As she watches Jacob's body being lowered into the ground her mind starts working and she feels that there may be more to the accident than meets the eye.She and her reluctant sister Ruth start investigating the case and find a haunting web of lies, deceit and coverups that lead them into danger...

Broken Pottery

Author : Joan K. Smith
ISBN : 9781432784478
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Do we all exist in Heaven before becoming human? Is our life on Earth a test to see if we then get to spend Eternity with God? Does evil exist? Do evil spirits exist? Is there anything to the December 21, 2012 Mayan prophecy or other political, environmental, or astronomical events suggesting we may be living in the END TIMES? What does it mean to be Christian in the year 2012 and beyond? Is God even in control? These questions and many more are answered in the pages of Broken Pottery.Janice Thresher is the typical middle class suburban teen of the 1980s. Living near Pittsburgh, PA, she follows her high school sweetheart off to Penn State where he proceeds to dump her. She copes with her loss by partying heavily until God brings a new love into her life. In a cruel twist of fate, this love was not meant to last either.On the other side of the country in Southern California, Sophie Ulsrey, a girl several years younger than Janice, spends her time trying to hide ugly scars sustained after a terrible auto accident in which she lost her father. The accident, and her mothers reaction to it, drives Sophie to achieve wealth and fame as she becomes an adult.As adults, the lives of Janice and Sophie divinely intersect in time to warn fellow Americans of a government cover-up to hide important factual information with apocalyptic national security implications. Just as it was in 1938 when an American radio audience believed Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" broadcast to be truth instead of fiction, many readers of Broken Pottery will be tempted to check their cell phones and digital libraries just to make sure they, too, are reading only a book of fiction. Broken Pottery takes you on a suspenseful adventure through the years 1965-2020, taking on the real difficulties we all have in life, dramatizes them, and provides a considered, thoughtful view of how we tackle them. Study questions for self-reflection or group study are included.

First Family King And Maxwell

Author : David Baldacci
ISBN : 1743035314
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"When she turned the page and her gaze flickered over the date on top it was as though the lightning outside had somehow grounded right into her. A billion volts of pain, a shriek of anguish you could actually see, and feel, as it pierced her." Camp David, USA. A birthday party turns into a nightmare when a child is snatched after the celebrations. The First Lady enlists the services of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to bring the child home safely. But she and King share a past. Years ago he saved her then senator husband from political disaster. And this may not be all that passed between them. With Michelle still battling her own demons, the two are pushed to the limit, with forces aligned on all sides against them - and the line between friend and foe impossible to define... or defend.

Saving Gideon

Author : Amy Lillard
ISBN : 9781433677526
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A disillusioned Dallas socialite breaks down on the outskirts of an Amish community and begins to find herself thanks to the widowed young man who rescued her but has lost his own faith in God.

Blood S Echo

Author : Isabella Maldonado
ISBN : 9780738751337
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Whenever the lust for drugs, money, and power lays claim to a city, brutality is never far behind. Phoenix detective Veranda Cruz is dead set on taking down the Villalobos Cartel, but the ruthlessness of her quarry demands a ruthless edge of her own. Detective Veranda Cruz leads an elite task force on the Phoenix Police Drug Enforcement Bureau. Bartolo Villalobos is the heir apparent to the most powerful cartel in the world. No one in the department suspects the secret motive behind Veranda’s obsession with the cartel . . . until an operation goes horribly wrong. Targeted by an increasingly unstable drug lord, Veranda must protect her family and stay clear of adversaries within the force while she sets a trap for Bartolo. As the desert action heats up, Veranda and her new Homicide team—along with an arson investigator who kindles a flame for her—are all drawn into a deadly gambit. Taking down Bartolo is the ultimate goal, but is Veranda ready to trade life for justice? Praise: “Maldonado ratchets up the tension with each page, leaving you breathless as you race to the end.”—Robin Burcell, bestselling author of The Kill Order “Isabella Maldonado is off to a great start, giving us a tense thriller with a strong sense of place and an insider’s look at some of the most dangerous work in law enforcement. This first Veranda Cruz novel will leave readers eagerly awaiting her next adventure.”—Jan Burke, New York Times bestselling author “The Phoenix sun isn’t the only thing burning in this thrilling debut and I look forward to more.”—Shannon Baker, bestselling author of the Kate Fox mystery series "Maldonado has crafted a top-notch thriller that will have police procedural junkies and thrill-seekers turning page after page, late into the night."—Maegan Beaumont, award-winning author of Carved in Darkness

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