the diamond age

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The Diamond Age

Author : Neal Stephenson
ISBN : 0553898205
Genre : Fiction
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Decades into our future, a stone's throw from the ancient city of Shanghai, a brilliant nanotechnologist named John Percival Hackworth has just broken the rigorous moral code of his tribe, the powerful neoVictorians. He's made an illicit copy of a state-of-the-art interactive device called A Young Ladys Illustrated Primer Commissioned by an eccentric duke for his grandchild, stolen for Hackworth's own daughter, the Primer's purpose is to educate and raise a girl capable of thinking for herself. It performs its function superbly. Unfortunately for Hackworth, his smuggled copy has fallen into the wrong hands. Young Nell and her brother Harv are thetes--members of the poor, tribeless class. Neglected by their mother, Harv looks after Nell. When he and his gang waylay a certain neo-Victorian--John Percival Hackworth-- in the seamy streets of their neighborhood, Harv brings Nell something special: the Primer. Following the discovery of his crime, Hackworth begins an odyssey of his own. Expelled from the neo-Victorian paradise, squeezed by agents of Protocol Enforcement on one side and a Mandarin underworld crime lord on the other, he searches for an elusive figure known as the Alchemist. His quest and Nell's will ultimately lead them to another seeker whose fate is bound up with the Primer-- a woman who holds the key to a vast, subversive information network that is destined to decode and reprogram the future of humanity. Vividly imagined, stunningly prophetic, and epic in scope, The Diamond Age is a major novel from one of the most visionary writers of our time From the Paperback edition.

The Diamond Age Diamond Age Die Grenzwelt Englische Ausgabe

Author : Neal Stephenson
ISBN : 0241953197
Genre : Humorous stories
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A new look for cult author Stephenson's unstoppable sci-fi classicThe future is small. The future is nano . . .And who could be smaller or more insignificant than poor Little Nell - an orphan girl alone and adrift in a world of Confucian Law, Neo-Victorian values and warring nano-technology?Well, not quite alone. Because Nell has a friend, of sorts. A guide, a teacher, an armed and unarmed combat instructor, a book and a computer: the Young Lady's Illustrated Primer is all these and much much more. It is illicit, magical, dangerous.And it isn't Nell's. It was stolen. And now some very powerful people want to get their hands on this highly desirable object. Nell is about to discover that the world can feel very small indeed . . .Neal Stephenson is the author of the three-volume historical epic 'The Baroque Cycle' (Quicksilver, The Confusion and The System of the World) as well as the novels Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age (winner of a Hugo Award), Snow Crash, Zodiac, Anathem and Reamde. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

The Diamond Age Or A Young Lady S Illustrated Primer

Author : Neal Stephenson
ISBN : 0670864145
Genre : Science fiction
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Author : Neal Stephenson
ISBN : 9781446440506
Genre : Fiction
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As extraordinary an achievement as Cryptonomicon, Quicksilver is Neal Stephenson's first novel in his acclaimed Baroque Cycle. Neal Stephenson follows his international bestseller, the WWII thriller Cryptonomicon, with a novel set in the 16th and 17th centuries, in a world of war, scientific, religious and political turmoil. With a cast of characters that includes Newton, Leibniz, Christopher Wren, Charles II, Cromwell and the young Benjamin Franklin, Stephenson again shows his extraordinary ability to get inside a place and time; as he did for the futures of his science fiction (Snowcrash,The Diamond Age) and for WWII (Cryptonomicon), here he does for the England of the Civil War and the Europe of the Wars of Religion and the Scientific Revolution. Quicksilver is yet another tour-de-force from a writer who is simply unique.


Author : Books LLC
ISBN : 1155484649
Genre :
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 39. Chapters: Postcyberpunk novels, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, The Fifth Element, Demolition Man, List of cyberpunk works, Beggars Ride, Cyberpunk derivatives, Feed, Beggars in Spain, Glasshouse, Beggars and Choosers, Accelerando, Otherland, Transmetropolitan, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Rainbows End, River of Gods, Transhuman Space, Altered Carbon, Singularity Sky, Broken Angels, Iron Sunrise, Nanopunk, Nylon Angel, Transhumanism in fiction, Kling Klang Klatch. Excerpt: The following is a list of works commonly ascribed to the cyberpunk genre of science fiction. While some of these works-such as Neuromancer and Blade Runner-have become accepted as archetypal examples of cyberpunk, the classification of others can be debated. Furthermore, works published after 1993 are increasingly likely to be labeled "postcyberpunk," a term first applied to Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. Consequently, all categorizations are likely to be incomplete, contested or provisional. Several observers, including the SF writer David Brin, have commented that cyberpunk was not as original as the genre's boosters once claimed. Such works as Fritz Lang's movie Metropolis (1927) contain elements that a 21st-century viewer might call "cyberpunk," even though they predate the cyberpunk canon by many years. These works could be labeled cyberpunk's "precursors," but a causal connection is not always clear. James Tiptree, Jr., The Girl Who Was Plugged In, 1974John Brunner, The Shockwave Rider, 1975Robert Asprin, The Cold Cash War, 1977Vernor Vinge, True Names, 1981K. W. Jeter, Dr. Adder, 1984 The Sprawl trilogy by William Gibson Schismatrix (1985) by Bruce SterlingEclipse Trilogy (aka A Song Called Youth Trilogy) (1985-90) by John ShirleyPsion (1985) by Joan D. Vinge (The Cat Novels)Hardwired (1986) by Walter Jon Williams The Mar d Audran series by George...


Author : Neal Stephenson
ISBN : 9780857894182
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44. 53 MB
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Across the globe, millions of computer screens flicker with the artfully coded world of T'Rain - an addictive internet role-playing game of fantasy and adventure. But backstreet hackers in China have just unleashed a contagious virus called Reamde, and as it rampages through the gaming world spreading from player to player - holding hard drives hostage in the process - the computer of one powerful and dangerous man is infected, causing the carefully mediated violence of the on-line world to spill over into reality. A fast-talking, internet-addicted mafia accountant is brutally silenced by his Russian employers, and Zula - a talented young T'Rain computer programmer - is abducted and bundled on to a private jet. As she is flown across the skies in the company of the terrified boyfriend she broke up with hours before, and a brilliant Hungarian hacker who may be her only hope, she finds herself sucked into a whirl of Chinese Secret Service agents and gun-toting American Survivalists; the Russian criminal underground and an al-Qaeda cell led by a charismatic Welshman; each a strand of a connected world that devastatingly converges in T'Rain. An inimitable and compelling thriller that careers from British Columbia to South-West China via Russia and the fantasy world of T'Rain, Reamde is an irresistible epic from the unique imagination of one of today's most individual writers.

Aquarian Invocation

Author : Master Del Pe
ISBN : 0982635826
Genre :
File Size : 49. 33 MB
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Master Del Pe opens doors to an unprecedented view of 300 million years of history and discloses the fate of Humanity, the Earth, the Kingdoms and even Spiritual Beings.

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