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The Greatest Deception In The History Of Warfare

Author : Svein L. Myklebust
ISBN : OCLC:10738570
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Evolution The Greatest Deception In Modern History

Author : Roger G. Gallop
ISBN : 0982997574
Genre : Bible and evolution
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This is an easy-to-read, comprehensive and compelling review of scientific evidence for Divine Creation-loaded with color photos and illustrations. This book is described as a "tour de force which strongly refutes the notion that 'science supports' the evolution/long age view." It clearly shows that evolutionary doctrine is not based on known scientific laws or the preponderance of scientific evidence but rather, it is built on false assumptions and poor science. Scientific creation, as described in the Book of Genesis, is perfectly consistent with all known scientific laws and evidence-the evidence is overwhelming and supports the reality of a worldwide flood and a young earth. Dr. Roger Gallop is a geologist and marine scientist with over 35 years as a geotechnical and biological consultant. He has degrees in geology, oceanography, and science education. In addition, he was an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and is a Vietnam veteran. He has been happily married for 40 years with one son and grandson.

The Grandest Deception

Author : Dr. Jack Pruett
ISBN : 1456892800
Genre : Religion
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Over the last 30 years, an outstanding author and researcher named Zecharia Sitchin has written a total of nine books which describe a race of ancient beings who came to Earth about 450,000 years ago. These books go into great detail about these beings and their activities on Earth. Sitchin's books are based on ancient tablets found in Mesopotamia, the lands of the Garden of Eden described in the Bible. The Grandest Deception is a book that is based on Sitchin's work and the Bible; it describes how the ancient tablets and the Bible are related to current events. The Grandest Deception describes how the Earth was created and how mankind was created. It also describes the conditions that mankind will face during the New World Order; as well as the fate of mankind if we continue down the path that we are presently on.

The Greatest Deception

Author : James Nations
ISBN : 1533254532
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From the beginning of the Christian church, which began in the Second Chapter of the Book of Acts, this has always been the plan of Salvation to our dispensation. The Romans changed this plan at the Council of Nicea and tried to destroy our ability to know the true plan of Salvation by changing God' plan. That is Satan's way, change God' way just enough so we loose our hope of Salvation.

Abolishing The Law Christianity S Greatest Deception

Author : Jonathan Porter
ISBN : 9781365320668
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Congratulations! You are about to learn more biblical truth in this little book than 99% of seminary graduates. It's unfortunate that most people do not ever come to understand the fullness of scripture. A lot of people are comfortable going along with what they hear on Christian television or in their church. But if like me, you are not comfortable with puzzling and unanswered questions, this book will be a goldmine for you, because you will finally get answers to them. You will now have a solid foundation to boldly and confidently walk in the fullness of scripture and worship God in Spirit and in Truth, John 4:24, and you can look forward to not only inheriting, but being called great in the kingdom Mat. 5:19! It has been said that the devil's greatest trick is to convince the world that he doesn't exist. To those of us who know better, I would say his second greatest trick is to convince God's children that Jesus came to abolish or change the law. This would be Christianity's Greatest Deception.

Great Deception

Author : Christopher Booker
ISBN : 082647652X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 90. 45 MB
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As the European Union moves towards adopting the constitution which will mark its final emergence as a 'United States of Europe', The Great Deception shows how the most ambitious political project of our time has, for more than 50 years, been based on a colossal confidence trick - the systematic concealment from the peoples of Europe of what the aim of this project has always been since its inception in the late 1940s.

Fooling Ourselves Self Deception In Politics Religion And Terrorism

Author : Harry C. Triandis
ISBN : 9780313364396
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 27. 76 MB
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Self-deception occurs because we often see the world the way we would like it to be, rather than the way it is. Our brains so long for things the way we want them, we might not even be aware we are fooling ourselves, explains author Harry Triandis, a widely known Professor Emeritus of Psychology. Across cultures and around the world, self-deception is a phenomenon that has subtle and profound effects on everyday life, explains Triandis, also former president of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology. In this work, he not only explains how and why self-deceptions occur in three areas - politics, religion, and terrorism - but also how to recognize and reduce the frequency of fooling ourselves. Insights here include consideration of personal and societal self-deceptions, as well as extensive understanding of how politics, ideologies, and religions can frame reality for each of us in such a way that it is, in our minds, warped so the stage is well-set for self-deception. This text will be of special interest to general readers drawn to politics and religion, as well as scholars of psychology, anthropology, and sociology.

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