the sacred fire of liberty

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The Sacred Fire Of Liberty

Author : Lance Banning
ISBN : 080148524X
Genre : History
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This text provides an account of Madison's development and the trajectory of his career, focusing on the founding of the Federal Republic.

The Sacred Fire Of Liberty

Author : M. Sellers
ISBN : 9780230371811
Genre : Philosophy
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This book describes the origins of the concept of liberty in the legal and political thought of Rome, Italy, England, France and the United States of America. Professor Sellers traces the development of liberty and republican government over two centuries of European history, in association with liberal ideas. This study reveals republicanism as the parent of liberalism in modern law and politics, and demonstrates the continuing value of republican ideas in securing the liberty of contemporary states and their citizens.

George Washington S Sacred Fire

Author : Peter A. Lillback
ISBN : 0978605268
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Uses Washington's writings, journals, letters, and manuscripts to examine the religious views of George Washington.

Excalibur Secrets Of The Sacred Fire

Author : Akasha
ISBN : 9780981384184
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 40. 46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Many of us are familiar with the popular legend of Camelot, King Arthur, Merlin, and the Sword Excalibur. What if it wasn’t just a legend? What if Excalibur wasn’t known as simply a powerful sword that heralded a King? The book you are holding contains Messages from Mystical Beings known as the Ascended Masters, who instruct us in the Lost Knowledge and Secrets of the Sacred Fire, and how to use the Sacred Fire along with the Power of the Spoken Word, the Power of Command, which is the true legendary Power of Excalibur to create the life of our dreams...a legendary life! “...Now this is the Light that never fails! This is the Light that shuts off and silences all discord and confusion, and this is the Light that gives your minds a rest. This is a breath of fresh air, if you will, and allows you to use your thoughts and feelings as constructively as you can thus giving you a chance to choose anew. As I offer you the knowledge and use of the Violet Flame, I rise into my Authority and offer you such Cosmic Sacred Fire of Mastery Unlimited, into yourself or any condition that will set your life free.” (Quote from Saint Germain)

James Madison

Author : John P. Kaminski
ISBN : 1893311651
Genre : Constitutional history
File Size : 54. 57 MB
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The elegant prose of America's Revolutionary generation is found in this series of chapbook biographies by US Constitution historian John P. Kaminski, who adds dimension to the historic dramas of revolution and nation-making. Unlike traditional biographies, these chapbooks emphasize the character, mannerisms, and physical appearance of the subjects as they were known to their contemporaries. In a unique way, the illuminating vignettes and "behind-the-curtain" glimpses of both well-known and obscure events provide a new perspective on the Founding generation. Titles include: * George Washington: "The Man of the Age" 978-1-893311-99-2 (117 pages, 5 x 9) * Thomas Jefferson: Philosopher and Politician 978-1-893311-59-6 (94 pages, 5 x 9) * James Madison: Champion of Liberty and Justice 978-1-893311-65-7 (110 pages, 5 x 9) * Lafayette: The Boy General 978-1-893311-84-8 (116 pages, 5 x 9) * Abigail Adams: An American Heroine 978-1-893311-93-0 (134 pages, 5 x 9)

Liberty The God That Failed

Author : Christopher A. Ferrara
ISBN : 1621380203
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 41. 51 MB
Format : PDF
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What has gone wrong with the grand American experiment in "ordered liberty"? The liberal's answer is that America has failed to live up to its full promise of inclusiveness and equality--likely the result of corporate greed and white male ruling elites. The mainstream conservative or libertarian reply points to the Warren Court, the 1960s, or a loss of Constitutional rectitude. Christopher Ferrara, in Liberty, the God That Failed, offers an entirely different answer. In a counter-narrative of unique power and scope, he unmasks the order promised as a sham; the liberty guaranteed, a chimera. In his telling, the false god of a new political order--Liberty--was born in thought long before America's founding, and gained increasing devotion as it slowly amassed power during the first century of the nation's existence. Today it reveals its full might, as we bear the weight of its oppressive decrees, and experience the emptiness of the secular order it imposes upon us. The secular state has constructed a "myth of religious violence" to mask its own violent origins and ongoing displays of force. Ferrara destroys this myth with a relentless uncovering of truths hidden by both liberal and conservative/libertarian accounts of what has gone wrong. In this brilliant retelling of American history and political life, the author asks us to open our eyes to harsh realities, but also to the possibilities for a rightly ordered society and the true liberty that can still be ours.

American Republicanism

Author : Mortimer N.S. Sellers
ISBN : 9781349133475
Genre : History
File Size : 77. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book examines what 'republicanism' meant to the Americans who drafted and ratified the United States Constitution, guaranteeing a 'republican form of government' to every state in the Union. M.N.S.Sellers compares the writings and speeches of the founders with the authors they read and imitated to identify the central tenets of American republicanism, and to demonstrate that American republican though directly reflected classical models, rather than a mediating tradition of English or continental political theory.

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