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The Beauty Bible

Author : Sarah Stacey
ISBN : 0760783578
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 38. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Natural Born Charmer

Author : Susan Elizabeth Phillips
ISBN : 0061795313
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Chicago Stars quarterback Dean Robillard is the luckiest man in the world: a bona-fide sports superstar and the pride of the NFL with a profitable side career as a buff billboard model for End Zone underwear. But life in the glory lane has started to pale, and Dean has set off on a cross-country trip to figure out what's gone wrong. When he hits a lonely stretch of Colorado highway, he spies something that will shake up his gilded life in ways he can't imagine. A young woman . . . dressed in a beaver suit. Blue Bailey is on a mission to murder her ex. Or at least inflict serious damage. As for the beaver suit she's wearing . . . Is it her fault that life keeps throwing her curveballs? Witness the expensive black sports car pulling up next to her on the highway and the Greek god stepping out of it. Blue's career as a portrait painter is the perfect job for someone who refuses to stay in one place for very long. She needs a ride, and America's most famous football player has an imposing set of wheels. Now, all she has to do is keep him entertained, off guard, and fully clothed before he figures out exactly how desperate she is. But Dean isn't the brainless jock she imagines, and Blue—despite her petite stature—is just about the toughest woman Dean has ever met. They're soon heading for his summer home where their already complicated lives and inconvenient attraction to each other will become entangled with a charismatic but aging rock star; a beautiful fifty-two-year-old woman trying to make peace with her rock and roll past; an eleven-year-old who desperately needs a family; and a bitter old woman who hates them all. As the summer progresses, the wandering portrait artist and the charming football star play a high-stakes game, fighting themselves and each other for a chance to have it all. Natural Born Charmer is for everyone who's ever thought about leaving their old life in the dust and never looking back. Susan Elizabeth Phillips takes us home again . . . and shows us where love truly lives.

The Transhumanist Wager

Author : Zoltan Istvan
ISBN : 0988616114
Genre : Science fiction
File Size : 79. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Philosopher, entrepreneur, and former National Geographic and New York Times correspondent Zoltan Istvan presents his visionary novel, The Transhumanist Wager, as a seminal statement of our times. Scorned by over 500 publishers and literary agents around the world, his philosophical thriller has been called "revolutionary" and "socially dangerous" by readers, scholars, and religious authorities. The novel debuts a challenging original philosophy, which rebuffs modern civilization by inviting the end of the human species-and declaring the onset of something greater. Set in the present day, the novel tells the story of transhumanist Jethro Knights and his unwavering quest for immortality via science and technology. Fighting against him are fanatical religious groups, economically depressed governments, and mystic Zoe Bach: a dazzling trauma surgeon and the love of his life, whose belief in spirituality and the afterlife is absolute. Exiled from America and reeling from personal tragedy, Knights forges a new nation of willing scientists on the world's largest seasteading project, Transhumania. When the world declares war against the floating city, demanding an end to its renegade and godless transhuman experiments and ambitions, Knights strikes back, leaving the planet forever changed.

Thrive On Five

Author : Nina Littler
ISBN : 9781849496827
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 69. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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We all know we need to eat our five-a-day, but sometimes it is hard to fit them all in. No longer. Fifty of the recipes in this book - including soups, salads and curries and spice - contain all your five-a-day in just one dish. We now all know that five-a-day is, in fact, a minimum, and we should try to eat more. So the other 36 recipes concentrate on how to top yourself up to seven or even 10-a-day, with delicious smoothies, cakes, puddings and snacks. There's also a section on children's food, to start them off on the right track for a long and healthy life. All the recipes are easy and inexpensive to make. Whether you love curries and spice, traditional British food, or exciting and filling modern salads and soups, there's something here for you. Indulge in a Goan aubergine and sweet potato curry; discover how to make a pasta sauce that contains your five-a-day; or snack on cucumber maki with red pepper houmous. I bet you didn't think a chocolate and chilli ganache could provide two of your five-a-day, but it can! Whether your goal is simply to eat your five-a-day more often, or you're trying to lose weight, or are following any number of diets - 5:2, low fat, low carbohydrate, vegetarian, vegan - this book has plenty for you. There is also a meal planner that shows how to use the book's recipes to include five, seven or 10-a-day in your diet.

The Sinking Of The Mv Le Joola Africa S Titanic

Author : Pat Wiley
ISBN : 0615863566
Genre : Ferryboat disasters
File Size : 29. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Squalls were common this time of year. This time, however, everything was adding up wrong. The boat listing to port was testimony to the fact that something was out of order with either cargo loading or ballast. Having only one engine running further compounded the problem, and limited the crew's options to respond to an emergency. The crew should have noticed that the seas were coming on the starboard side and aggravating the list. But what happened next, at 11pm, was so unexpected; it was a shock to both passengers and crew. The LE JOOLA, suddenly, began listing further and further onto her side. There was no warning from the one saw, heard, or felt anything...other than the terrifying sensation of the deck slipping out from under them. At first, when passengers felt the steep incline of the deck, they thought it was a rolling motion from the waves--praying the ship would roll back. Passengers near the cargo deck heard the rumble of vehicles sliding and crashing onto the port bulkheads. The LE JOOLA continued to heel...higher and higher...exposing her flat bottom hull to the surging waves. It was 11pm when LE JOOLA capsized 17 miles off the African coast--trapping most of the 2000 men women and children inside. The majority of passengers had retired for the night, some in first and second class cabins, but most were in the lower level third class compartments. A large contingency of university students were singing and dancing in the restaurant when the ship suddenly lurched high to one side and began its death roll into the sea. Of Hundreds that managed to escape only 64 survived. What caused this disaster which was worse than the Titanic? Why weren't life boats or life rafts launched? Why was it late the following day before rescue craft arrived at the scene? The author of this heartrending story traveled throughout the country in search of answers to these questions and reveals the harrowing stories of the survivors and the shameful actions of those responsible for the tragedy.

Trail Of Broken Wings

Author : Sejal Badani
ISBN : 1477822089
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When her father falls into a coma, Indian American photographer Sonya reluctantly returns to the family she'd fled years before. Since she left home, Sonya has lived on the run, free of any ties, while her soft-spoken sister, Trisha, has created a perfect suburban life, and her ambitious sister, Marin, has built her own successful career. But as these women come together, their various methods of coping with a terrifying history can no longer hold their memories at bay. Buried secrets rise to the surface as their father--the victim of humiliating racism and perpetrator of horrible violence--remains unconscious. As his condition worsens, the daughters and their mother wrestle with private hopes for his survival or death, as well as their own demons and buried secrets. Told with forceful honesty, Trail of Broken Wings reveals the burden of shame and secrets, the toxicity of cruelty and aggression, and the exquisite, liberating power of speaking and owning truth.

You Don T Have To Say You Love Me

Author : Sarra Manning
ISBN : 9780593066515
Genre : Chick lit
File Size : 71. 94 MB
Format : PDF
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Sweet, bookish Neve Slater always plays by the rules. And the number one rule is that good-natured fat girls like her don't get guys like gorgeous, handsome William, heir to Neve's heart since university. But William's been in LA for three years, and Neve's been slimming down and re-inventing herself so that when he returns, he'll fall head over heels in love with the new, improved her. So she's not that interested in other men. Until her sister Celia points out that if Neve wants William to think she's an experienced love-goddess and not the fumbling, awkward girl he left behind, then she'd better get some, well, experience. What Neve needs is someone to show her the ropes, someone like Celia's colleague Max. Wicked, shallow, sexy Max. And since he's such a man-slut, and so not Neve's type, she certainly won't fall for him. Because William is the man for her... right? Somewhere between losing weight and losing her inhibitions, Neve's lost her heart - but to who?

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